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Siberian Husky: A Complete Guide and Information

Siberian Husky

With distinctive features of playful nature, wolfy look, highly energetic, unmatched intellectual properties and quick learners, this breed has its own unique and unparalleled reputation. Exceptional in socialization and variety in colors, this breed appeals to everyone. Truly a companion and full of kind-heartedness, these active Siberian Husky are ready to learn and explore new things. In a thin article, you can have a great grip on the knowledge related to the Thai outstanding breed. So, do not waste any further moment and let’s dig into this!

Introduction to Siberian Husky

With the size of medium variance and active nature, they were bred to do normal human tasks. Graceful and adorable, weighing around 35 to 60 pounds, this breed is fantastic for showing its friendly behavior with humans. Variety in colors and upward-pointed ears, they are a perfect blend of features and characteristics. Their fur is designed in such a way that they can tolerate cold weather conditions and are highly personalized. 

History of Siberian Husky 

When the need for such a breed which can pull their carat in winter arises then, the Chukchi people of Siberia bred this breed. After many trials finally they bred these active and human-friendly Companions. They came into existence after this short story. Now, they are working widely in areas where the weather is cold. They serve as car-pullers in the snows of winter. The best thing about them is that they can live in strong and harsh weather conditions for the reason that they have fur on them. You can find them in a wide range in North-East Siberia.

Facts and Statistics  

I have enlisted some common and basic features of this breed of dog as below, so you can overview the provided information. These are as:    

Characteristics and Facts  Description 
Name Siberian Husky  
Size20 – 24 Inches 
ColourWhite and Black, Red, Three Greys, Silver, Medium Grey,Cream, Agouti, Copper or Red, Sable, Pintoo Pattern, Piebald Pattern, Grey-Shaded,
FeaturesErect ears, Furry coat, Long tongue
NatureGentle, Polite, Kind hearted and Family pets
Life span12 – 16 years 
HealthHip dysplasia and Eye disease are common
Weight Male: 20 – 27 kg Female: 16 – 23 kg 
TemperamentPlayful, Gentle and Polite  
Exercise need2 hours Required
AggressivenessAbsolutely not! 
Shedding capacityShed undercoat once a year only! 

Does Siberian Husky bark a lot?  

Like other dogs such as Chihuahua, Beagle, Miniature Schnauzer, Basset Hound, West Highland White Terriers, Pomeranians, Yorkshire Terriers, and Cairn Terriers they do bark when they see their owner but in the rest of cases, they do bark just to impress their emotions and their feelings. Mostly, you will see their tongue outside from their mouth as they are good at running and carrying medium weight so that is why.  

Health Care of Siberian Husky

Various dogs have health issues and concerns and like those dogs, the breed also requires some care and proper consultation. If you have a pet dog then you need to give him proper time for his grooming, exercise, training, nutrition and so many other things. So enlisted below is some of the information about this


You will need to make a proper timetable for your Siberian Husky if you want to look attractive. For this, you will need to work on his various body parts to make her personality more attractive. So, give him a daily bath, Train him with expert pet trainers and give him treats whenever he follows your command. Trim his hair and nails on an average basis. 


The best thing your pet can do is do daily exercise. This includes various fun activities such as hiking, swimming, running, jogging, walking all these related exercises. It is not compulsory that you only have one option and that is walking. No, you can also take your dog to his favourite place or you can arrange a mini trip on the mountain with your dog. It’s up to you to choose what suits your pet most but make sure that he is having daily exercise and with consistency. The period required daily for the exercise of Siberian Husky is a minimum of 1 hour. 


To proceed with the training of your pet dog, you will require a professional trainer but otherwise, you can do it at home on your own. For this, you will need to make a proper schedule for it. You can train him to act on your commands by giving him every time his favorite treat when he obeys your instructions. This way he will learn the commands more fastly. The recommendation is to give him any kind of his favorite treat so that he may enjoy the process.  


A Siberian Husky diet includes dog food such as raw food like chicken. Lamb, beef, fruits, fish and vegetables. These all may not suit every dog breed or one may get allergic or have some health issues. So, you can seek a pet expert to suggest some of the food you will give to him daily. One last thing to avoid is to avoid graphs, prunes, raisins etc. 

Diseases in Siberian Husky

Some of the diseases and health issues in Husky include the following diseases. Enlisted are these issues which are nowadays common in them and causing severe issues and in some cases death.

  • Parvo
  • Rabies
  • Distemper 
  • Epilepsy
  • Cancer
  • Laryngeal paralysis 
  • Hypertension 
  • Heart disease
  • Inflammatory bowel disease 

If your husky is showing any symptoms which are linked with these diseases then it means you have to seek a veterinary doctor as soon as possible otherwise this may lead to severe issues such as death. Before purchasing an investment in this breed, make sure that your Siberian Husky is healthy and not having any issues in him. The best is to buy him from any rescue center because the pet there also requires the same love, attention and care. 


  1. What are some health issues in Siberian Husky?

Various health issues in Siberian Husky include Parvo, Rabies, Distemper, Epilepsy, Cancer, Laryngeal paralysis, Hypertension, Heart disease, and Inflammatory bowel disease. These are dangerous issues which may lead to his death. So if you find symptoms of any of these diseases, then you must seek a veterinary doctor first and foremost priority.   

  1. Why were Siberian Husky bred by Breeders? 

Chukchi people of Siberia bred this breed for the reason that when the need of having such a breed which can carry moderate weight and pull carts was arisen, So after a few trials, this beautiful breed came into existence. Now, they are widely being used in cold snowy areas where they pull carts.   

  1. Does my Siberian Husky need exercise?

Yes, your pet dog Siberian Husky needs a daily exercise of 1 hour maximum. It is not compulsory to continue with only one type of activity. You can add many more activities such as hiking, running, jogging and swimming. Also, take your dog to the palace which he loves to visit. Just be consistent and do not pressurize your dog more than he is capable of.     


A Siberian Husky is a breed which was bred to carry moderate weights and pull carts. After free trials, they came into existence and now they are widely working in snowy areas to carry people and goods from one place to another. They have attractive features and furry coats. In case you are thinking about investing in this breed or looking to get an indoor husky then do not wait any future and invest right now.  

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