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Pomeranian Dog Breed: A Complete Guide

Pomeranian Dog Breed

Small in size and lovely in nature, these Pomeranian are famous for their fluffy looks, fierce expression and barking at strangers. Full of energy these dogs are highly confident and good companions as well. With a spirit full of energy and active movement, this breed has a variety of colors and savage and dangerous expressions. In this given article, I have mentioned related entails about this breed which you can read for a better approach to the knowledge of these harsh dogs.  

All About Dogs: Facts And Statistics  

This breed of dog has a high reputation and unmatched facts. Few features and statistics for the Pomerian dogs are as below. You can read these for having more grip on the understanding of this breed. Let’s have a look below! 

Characteristics and Facts  Description 
Name Pomeranian Dog
Size7 – 12 Inches 
ColourWhite, Black, Blue, Red, Cream, Grey-Shaded, Tan, Orange, Brown 
FeaturesFierce, Angry , A Lot of barking 
NatureAngry and barking 
Life span12 – 16 years 
HealthActive in health 
Weight 1.4 – 3.2 kg 
Exercise needHalf an hour minimum
Shedding capacityHigh value of shedding fur 

What is the shedding capacity of Pomeranian?

This breed is one of the most heavy shedders as they shed a lot of fur and minimally their shaving or trimming is required twice a year. Other dogs like Schnauzer, Airedale Terrier, Bichon Frisé, Poodle, Afghan Hound, Irish Water Spaniel, Maltese, Portuguese Water Dog Basenji etc. These all are dogs with low shedding breeds. While Pomerirans are one with low shedding capacity 

Are Pomeranian Aggressive?

Yes, they bark a lot as they have some behavioral issues so you need to train them. But this is only one side of them, the other side of them is very friendly and intelligent and smart. But if in any case your pet dog is biting or barking a lot then you must seek a veterinary doctor in this regard. In short, the behavior may vary from the experience of every person. 

What are the good points of this breed?

Due to their excessive barking, they can be used as watchdogs. Also for the reason of their intelligence, they can work for the rescue centers. If you are willing to keep these inside your home then you can keep them too but a little effort will be needed to train them but eventually they will get trained. Once they have your lessons with consistency, they may stop showing their aggressive attitude to everyone.  

How much exercise do Pomeranian need?

 You can take your Pomeranian daily exercise for a minimum of 30 miniature to 1 day. For fun, you can add activities like hiking, jogging, walking and many more. Do not forget to give him a treat whenever he is following the rules and activities. Make sure that you have not pressured your dog to perform these daily exercises. Just go with his pace and be consistent!    

What are some health issues of Pomeranian?

Every dog breed has certain major health issues which makes their life in danger. Some of the common issues of Pomerian include the following health issues. You can have a look below as: 

  • Dental disease 
  • Tear duct issues
  • Trachea collapse 
  • Cataracts
  • Thyroid problems 
  • Patella problems 
  • Obesity 
  • Hip and Joint problem

These all are some of the health issues in Pomeranians. If any of these are found in your dog then you have to visit a veterinary doctor as soon as possible. The suggestion is to make sure to visit a doctor every month so that there is a risk of any of these diseases.     


A famous dog breed with fierce features and furry hairs is the Pomeranian dog breed. They have an aggressive attitude and reflect an angry look. You can seek it by only focusing on the way they bark a lot. One can invest in this breed if they are looking for an aggressive and active dog breed. In the last point, I would highly suggest you purchase this breed from any rescue center or organization for the reason that those dogs also deserve a good life.                                                                                            


  1. What are some health issues of Pormerianian? 

Dental disease, tear duct issues, trachea collapse, cataracts, thyroid problems, patella problems, obesity, and hip and joint problems are some common and basic health issues in Pormerians. One must seek a veterinary doctor if one finds any symptoms of this disease. 

  1. How is the nature of Pomeranian? 

They are kind, polite, loyal, affectionate and intelligent. They are ideal as they have high energy, playful nature, and human-friendly behavior. These are all the personality traits of this breed known as Pomeranian.

  1. What are some features and characteristics of Pomeranians?

 Some facts and characteristics about this breed include that they are harsh and ready to vote. They are not polite and gentle with everyone except their owner. They may show an aggressive attitude towards humans. One must make sure to give him proper training after purchasing this breed.    

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