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Maltipoo: A Complete Introduction


A famous hybrid breed, popularly known as ‘Maltipoo’ and a cross between Maltese and Poodle. This breed has attractive looks and physical presentation. With a kind nature and polite attitude, this cute breed has very high popularity. The attention Maltipoo shows to humans and their children is unmatchable. Having beautiful characteristics of diverse colors and intelligence at its peak. They are good to keep inside the home as you won’t have to train them not to show aggressiveness because they are already well-mannered and do not bite. 

These charming Maltipoos are admired for their charming and handsome beauty. One can keep these pups if he is looking for a mini-size pet dog. The way they socialize with others is also immeasurable. With polite interaction and lovely gestures with human beings, they are the dream pets of everyone. Whether you are looking for a playful nature-based breed or the one with cute points, then you can go with these Maltipoo. One can’t stop investing in this breed after seeing these adorable doggies. 

Facts and Statistics about Maltipoo 

Mentioned below are some of the facts, feature about these maltipoos. You can read them from the following table as: 

Characteristics and Facts  Details 
Name Maltipoo
Size9-14 inches 
ColourWhite, Black, Red, Grey, Apricot and Light Brown
FeaturesLovely, cute, short-heighted 
NatureGentle, Polite, Smart and Intelligent 
Life span10-15 years 
HealthShort, Shining eyes and Active  
Weight 6-19 pounds 
TemperamentNot Aggressive and Polite 
Exercise needNearly half and hour
AggressivenessMinimum to low level 
Shedding capacityLittle to none 

How Mulipoo Came into Existence?

They were introduced in the 1990’s. When the need for such breeds which have polite behavior and gentle attitude arises they were bred by breeders. The actual reason was to create a breed with a low temperament and intelligent nature so then at that time after multiple trials they were successfully bred. The purpose was to get a beer which is friendly with humans and has cute features as well. They are the cross between  Maltese and Poodle.

What is the shedding capacity of Maltipoo?

The most positive point besides their gentle and good nature is their shedding capacity which is around minimum to low level. With a mixture of two different genes, these are a cross between Maltese and Poodle. Similar to their parents they do not tend to be aggressive towards humans. They can be the best companion to your family. Also, they won’t bite your child.

Are Maltipoo Aggressive?

Instead of having good looks, this breed also has an unmatchable feature of gentle behavior. It is found that in most of the studies, they tend to be polite and kind-hearted. However, this may not be the same case with everyone. The reason is if your pet dog is showing aggressiveness then he is having some health issues or hormonal imbalance. Also, the reason can be a lack of attention or training. 

What are the good points of Maltipoos?

Perfectly suited for families and children! Look no further but these cute and human-friendly Maltipoos. There are countless good features about that breed such as color, coat, size, weight, intelligence, playful nature, and smart characteristics, so these are for indoor pet keeping. All you need is to wait no more to buy these lovely pet animals. The best is to go to any rescue organization to adopt those smart puppies. In short, They are multiple personality points which are reasonable enough to buy these

What are some highlighted features of Maltipoo?

Their intelligence at its peak is one of the best features in them. What is most attractive about them is their mini size and delightful appearance. One can not stop after seeing these darling pet animals. Another feature is their shedding capacity which is minimum to low level, they shed their fur at the lowest level. This gives a positive point to all animal dog lovers if they are having any allergy issues but with these Maltipoos you are no further to get this peace of mind. Also, one does not have to do a daily home vacuuming to clean the fur of these puppies. One last and common feature about them is their nature, they have a human friend and a trustable nature. 

Who Bred Multipoo?

They were bred in the United States when the need for such pet dogs arose who have attractive bodies and a polite nature. After many trials at that time, they came into existence finally. They are the hybrid dog breed of the famous Maltese and Poodle. That is the only reason they were named as ‘Maltupoo’. With their unique personality and identity, these mini Maltipoos are getting famous day by day.    

How much exercise do Maltipoo need?

As they are small in size they need less exercise as compared to other breeds. These cute and lovely Multipoos need only half an hour of exercise in which you can choose any activity such as walking, jogging or hiking. But do not pressure your pet dog to do extra exercise for half an hour for the reason they tend to be active, lively, sprite and energetic. 

What are some health issues of Multipoo?

Some major and common health issues in these Maltipoos includes:

  • Patellar luxation
  • Shaker Syndrome
  • Epilepsy
  • Portosystemic Shunt  
  • Collapsing trachea
  • Neurological
  • Trauma
  • and Cancer

One should consider these issues a serious one for the reason that these are getting more common day by day. The reason for death in these dogs is the various diseases listed above. If in case that your pet shows any system related to these diseases then all you need is to seek a veterinary doctor in the first go. The medicines recommended by the doctor should only be used. Do not make a mistake in providing him with any medication which can be dangerous to their health.   


Maltipoo is a cute and genuine-hearted breed with so many unmatchable characteristics. They are ideal to keep inside the home for the reason they are polite and kind-hearted. Best for cuddling, this breed is for pets who do not disturb their owners. For having a good companion, these Maltipoos are enough to have fun activities. If you are proceeding with this breed, then it is suggested to purchase these from a rescue center and do not forget to search for a healthy Maltipoo

  1. What are some common health issues in Maltipoo?                                                           Some major and common health issues in these Maltipoos include: Patellar luxation, Shaker Syndrome, Epilepsy, Portosystemic Shunt  ,Collapsing trachea, Neurological, Trauma and Cancer. One should consider these issues a serious one for the reason that these are getting more common day by day. 
  1. What is the minimum price of these Maltipoo?

The minimum price of Maltipoos starts from $100 to $600. But it actually depends upon the place from where you are buying these such as if you are purchasing these from any well known breeder then the price may be high but if you are buying them from any rescue center then prices may be low.   

  1. How much exercise does Maltipoo need? 

They need minimum to less exercise for the reason they are small and active and little in size, So according to the recommendation, it is suggested only to do exercise for half an hour. You can do walking, jogging or hiking, which makes him happy. And do not forget to give him a treat after every exercise.   

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