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Lebanese Street Dogs in America: A Complete Guide

Lebanese Street Dogs

Lebanese Street Dogs are breed dogs who live their lives in the streets mostly. They live independently and are free from any ownership as they are found on the streets. Their average life is between 10-14 years of life in which they spend wandering on the streets. Therefore in this article, we have dog into the life and personality traits of Lebanese dogs which you read further below: 

Physical Appearances of Lebanese Street Dogs 

These street dogs are usually found in towns and cities where they eat meat and other materials which are on the roadside or lying anywhere on the streets and towns. With the given table, you can understand some basic characteristics of these Lebanese dogs. 

Basic AppearanceColor VariationExceptional Features
They have pointed noses and medium-sized earsThey have color variations including brown and are medium sized usually.They wander in streets and have brown-coloured skin and hair with a medium-sized bodies

Nature of Lebanese Street Dogs 

The dogs in Lebanon are very common and huge in number found everywhere in cities and towns. Their life is mostly spent wandering on streets and they eat the resources such as meat or other food items which are found everywhere on the streets. They survive with these resources and are used to life. In most cases, they are treated very disrespectfully and are killed by humans too. That is why they do not trust humans. 

The History of Lebanese Street Dogs

These dogs belong to the cast of gray wolf which became certain in number for many undefined reasons. Later on, they again appeared in Lebanon and their generation again started growing. In a few years, the number of these dogs increased. But this must be kept in mind that not all Lebanese dogs belong to the gray wolf category, they belong to other species too which can be seen from the variation in their physical features and characteristics. 

In a few years, the number of these dogs has increased to a great extent and now they are found in thousands of numbers everywhere in streets, towns and cities. They are now living a wandering life with resources which are found on the streets and are completely not human-friendly. But another fact is that now a lot of people are keeping them as pets since the trend of pet keeping has increased in the world. 

How to Take Care of a Lebanese Street Dog?

You can take care of a Lebanese street dog with these easy tips which are mentioned by us further in the article. These tips are some basic points which you can take as guidance for you to take care of a street dog in Lebanon. Here we go with the tips: 

Proper Food and Nutrition

The priority is to feed your Lebanese street dog with food such as meat and other dog food. These dogs are used to eating food from trash cans and food items from leftovers or thrown items from human beings. If you are willing to treat any street dog by assisting him with shelter and other support then as a priority do feed him good food. A Lot of street dogs do not get enough food to fulfill their appetite. Buying good food can be the best option. Also, when you are willing to give him a proper shelter then provide him with nourishment which is full of nutrition for his health. 


Grooming the Street Dog 

You can groom a street dog with a little effort by first giving him a bath which can be a bit tricky because few street dog breeds hate to take baths but it depends upon nature. The next thing is to make a proper schedule which you will follow for your dog to brush his teeth and have a good hygienic cleaning of him. Also, you can take him to a veterinary clinic to get him vaccinated by the doctor. Including, the dental cleaning must be done on regular cases as these dogs have germs in their teeth.   

Training a Street Dog

After spending a few days grooming your street dog, you can start making him get trained. In this case, you can hire a professional trainer for the best training which includes a few commands and other activities. Once he gets trained, you will no longer need a professional trainer because he will follow your commands due to the training he got. This training will be very beneficial for you because a Lebanese street dog will follow all the instructions you will give him. Make sure to add treats whenever he obeys your instructions.   

Exercise with Lebanese Dog 

The exercise is compensation for the improved health and lifestyle of your pet dog. Your pet will lose extra fats in his body which will make it balanced. You can make a proper schedule for taking care of a Lebanese dog by adding daily exercise to his routine. Your dog will remain fit. , dog of yours will love to go hiking, swimming and doing other activities. Including, you can go for an outside picnic every weekend to add fun to the life of your Lebanese dog.  

Fun Activities with Lebanese Dog 

Other fun activities which you can add to the life of your pet Lebanese dog when once used to hang out with you. All activities you can do include hiking, jogging, walking and exercises etc. This will make your dog have a healthy and peaceful life. And also, may reduce the aggressiveness in his moods and also the anxiety. All you need is to make a proper timetable and schedule for your pet dog to give him the best life an owner can give.


1.What are Lebanese street dogs? 

Lebanese street dogs are found everywhere in Lebanon. These are thousands in number and are used to eat street leftover foods and items for trash cans. They are used to living a wandering life with no lifestyle. Including, they bear a very tough environment.   

2. What is the nature of a Lebanese street dog?

The Lebanese street dogs are numerous in numbers and found in cities, towns and streets. They are used to eating leftovers and food on the street or the roadside. They have a medium size of the body with around 10-14 years of life.

3.How to take care of a Lebanese street dog?

 You can take care of a Lebanese street dog by first giving him food and then a proper bath. Then you can give a proper time in grooming your dog and then in training. Although after that, the next you can do is to make a proper timetable and schedule for the training. At last, you can have some fun activities when he is used to living with you.  


In short, Lebanese street dogs are very common in Lebanon and they are very used to eating street foods and leftovers such as trash cans etc. They are thousands in number and are very common in towns, cities and streets. Therefore they usually have a medium size body with brown color. Including, they wander everywhere in areas around good resources. In short, they are street dogs and wander anywhere.

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