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Puppy Training: Tips From My 13+ Years Experience 

Puppy Training

All animals have certain characteristics which make them recognizable. Similar to humans, animals such as dogs or puppies require a puppy training routine to specialize in features and attributes. These qualities make them more manageable and this training helps to be adjusted in specific domains such as the army, therapy, military, herding and most all searching and rescue. In this article, I have mentioned the training tips for your pet dog from my 13+ years of dog ownership. These all tips are personally attained by me and I assure you that your pet dog is certainly going to be a highly trained dog of yours.

Basic Puppy Commands Training

These are basic training commands for your puppy to be trained to get more futuristic and for other purposes. I have enlisted these below for you to grab knowledge on techniques which can be crucial for puppy training. Make sure that the age of your pet dog is as minimal as possible because this is the only way with which he will become a highly trained dog at his adult age. Let’s begin with the tips for puppy training. 

Training for Calling Your Puppy 

It starts with a puppy calling command and that begins with indoor calling (when inside the house). When your dog is trained by being called inside the home of your then definitely after some time he will get trained for outside recall as well. The process is as follows:

Step 1:

When inside the home, call the name of your puppy and say ‘Come’ or any other command. 

Step 2:

Give your pet puppy a treat every time he obeys your command. 

Step 3:

Keep repeating the process from different locations of your home until he gets fully trained.  

Step 4:

Don’t forget to add various diversity in the treat you give to your puppy. 

Make sure that you have added a treat when a puppy comes after your command, otherwise he will learn the command slowly. When once trained after various times of practice, you can stop giving your pet the treat as the main focus was to do puppy tearing. However, it depends upon you.  

Puppy Training for Sitting Down 

You can perform puppy training for sitting down after when he is trained for the recall command. You can train your pet puppy to sit to make him more manner able and habitual to your presence. The puppy training is as follows: 

Step 1:

Stand near the puppy along with a treat in your hands. 

Step 2:

When they are recalled, then use the command ‘Sit’ while holding their favorite treat.  

Step 3:

When he obeys your command, give him the treat.

Step 4:

Keep repeating the process at certain times. 

One tip I will give at the end is never to force your pet dog to be in a required position. This may create a sense of aggressiveness in your pet’s behavior and he may lead to biting you.  

Loose Leash Walking Command for Training 

A loose leash walking is a very common puppy training and you may have seen many other pet owners walking on the same side of them no matter if the leash is loose or tightened. The steps for puppy training are as follows: 

Step 1:

Tie a leash to your god and make sure he is comfortable at wearing it too. 

Step 2: Set your puppy accordingly to the side where you want him to be while walking. 

Step 3: Take a step and slightly pull the leash in the same direction to make your puppy follow you. Don’t force them, he may not like to come. 

Step 4:

When he takes the very first step on his own, give him a treat. 

Step 5:

Keep repeating the process and do not stop to provide the treat. 

Step 6:

After a few times, he will learn to walk along you on the desired side. 

These steps are easy for you to follow and if you will add a favorite treat of your puppy then he will follow your instructions. Never force your dog and forcefully pull the leash along with you. He will learn slowly but this is going to take some time.  

Lie Down for Puppy Training 

You can train your pet dog to lie down with the help of their command ‘Down’. Your dog will get trained easily with these steps which are described below. 

Step 1:

Keep a treat in one hand and then position your other hand on the ground.

Step 2:

After positioning your hand, your puppy of yours will follow toward the desired potion. 

Step 3:

After that, he will lie down and at that point, give him the treat. 

Step 4:

Keep repeating the process until your pet dog learns to obey the commands.

At starting he may not understand your command but when you use the command ‘Down’ then he will obey your instructions. Once he follows the instruction to lay down then make sure that you have provided him with the favorite treat to your pet dog. 

Training a Puppy to Stay with ‘Stay’ Command

This command is used when you want your puppy to stay at the same place. This is for situations when you want your pet dog to be calm and stay at the desired location without any movement. Follow the enlisted method:

Step 1:

Choose a desired word such as ‘Stay’ or ‘Calm’ before puppy training for your pet.

Step 2:

Now stand at some distance from your dog. 

Step 3:

After that, Show your right or left palm to your dog.

Step 4:

Your dog will probably learn to sit after practicing this command training.

Step 5:

Make sure to give the treat whenever he follows your command

This is very common when your dog is trying to go somewhere or wants to perform an activity, so at that time, you can use this technique to make your dog calm and peaceful. 

How to Teach Your Puppy Good Manners 

Good manners attract everyone and as similar to human beings the good habits in animals make them lovable by humans. These certain characters make them more attractive and cute too. A few good habits to be followed by your pet dog are as follows: 

Manner 1: Don’t Over Bark

Your dog may be over barking but before digging into the solution you have to learn the reasons for your pet dog over barking. A few reasons may include aggressiveness like your dog. Or he may be seeking attention or your pet dog is bored. All these are some defined reasons for over barking but others may be undefined. All you can do to stop your pet dog from overworking is to give him attention, love, care or have some fun activity. But if your dog’s health is not good then you can seek a veterinary doctor. Also, you can use certain hand gestures to make him calm and peaceful. 


Manner 2: Don’t Hurt Your Child

One of the dangerous aspects of keeping a pet gob is that he may hurt your child. The reason is that he is an animal and he may get aggressive at your child sometimes, so you have to teach your pet dog not to be aggressive by using certain commands or the best option recommended by me is to use an electronic collar to give him slight shock while he is intending to hurt any human being. The electronic collar is the best suggestion, I can give you as this is a common practice for aggressive dogs. In other cases, if the behavior of your dog is normal or moderate then you can keep a leash tied to him. 

Manner 3: Staying Calm and Peaceful

With the help of easy commands such as ‘Stay’ or ‘Free’, you can train your dog to be peaceful in any aggressive situation. Or the best is to provide the treat whenever he obeys your instruction. This is a very common practice that will make your pet dog obey whatever you want him to obey. You can give him his favorite treat so that the process will take speed. But be mindful while using commands discussed previously. Your dog may not understand how to follow your instructions in starting but after some time, he will gradually learn to stay calm and quiet after receiving his favourite treat from your side. 

Manner 4: Don’t Bite Uselessly

If your dog bites uselessly or he tries to nip everything then he must be trained to stop doing this. The reason is that there are very dangerous germs in the mouths of pet dogs. In the priority make sure that your dog’s teeth are well brushed and you always take your dog to have dental cleaning. This will groom his personality and make him have a healthier life. Now, here comes the main focus and that is to teach your dog to not bite uselessly. You can make him stop nipping everything by first overviewing what he is wanting to do. If he is seeking your attention then give him a proper time and care. Have some fun activities and make yourself provide him with a proper time. 


Manner 5: Never Create Mess Inside The Home

The best thing you can teach your pet dog is not to create a mess inside your home. This is the most irritating thing that puppies do. I have experienced this many times as all my pet dogs always create a mess inside the home. You can teach your pet dog to not create mess using a technique and that is to scold your puppy. He will understand that he has made some loss of yours and he will understand it by your reaction. But make sure that he is not getting hurt.   

My Additional Tip from my 13+ Years Experience 

One last tip which I can provide from my 13+ years of dog ownership is that you should never force your dog physically to obey your instructions. Never use your hands physically or forcefully to make your dog obey your command. Every animal has his sentiments and a right to live as well. When you force your pet dog to obey your instructions then this may lead to biting or getting aggressive over it. Just be consistent and be patient. Also, never forget to give your pet dog a favourite treat.


What are some basic manners a dog must have? 

The basic manners which your dog must have include following the commands, not over-barking, not hurting your cold, staying calm, no extra nipping and no mess etc. These are some basic manners which your dog must learn to have characteristics which make him superior to others.  

What are some basic commands for puppy training?

The basic commands included sitting down, standing up, recalling, walking and lying down. You can train your pet dog easily after a few practices. Just be consistent and do not be speedy. Also, do not forget to add the treat to your pet’s gift for obeying the desired instruction. 

How can I train my puppy to not create a mess inside my home?

You can train your dog to not create a mess inside your home by scolding him whenever he creates a mess inside your home. Do not over-scold your pet dog of yours as he has his own emotions and may show aggressiveness. You can also prefer an electronic collar in this regard. 


The puppies can be trained easily when they are smaller in age. But if you want to train an adult dog then it is going to be sometimes critical for you. All you need is to learn some basic commands such as sitting down, standing up, lying down etc. This will make your pet dog have more characteristics and features in your pet dot. Just remember to provide a treat to your dog whenever he obeys your instructions.

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