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Dog Behavior Problems: 8 Common Issues In Behavior Of Dogs

Dog Behavior Problems

Similar to human beings, dogs have certain dog behavior problems. These problems are common issues in dogs and sometimes may confuse the owner of the dog. As an owner of your pet dog, you must understand the issues in your dog’s behavior. You must have a great grip on the understanding of the dog’s behavioral issues. A proper exploration of these behavior problems will help you to get the solutions to these issues for future savior and transparency. In this article, I have mentioned the basic problem in the behavior of the dog which is as follows: 


Pet behavioral issues may include aggression in them which may lead to severe issues such as aggressive biting or he may attack someone. In other cases, the pet does for you may tend to hurt someone especially the baby or a child. The best is to take it to the veterinary doctor to check the exact solution to the problem. Your pet may need an urgent visit to the veterinary doctor. But this must be kept in mind that this is a common behavior of all dogs as it is involved like all animals so you do not have to worry too much for the solution. However, you can continue to go away with both solutions provided. 


Excessive barking may be the reason for abnormal behavior in dogs. The exact reason may be still undefined but you can seek a doctor in this case too. However, this must be kept in mind that this is the common behavior of all dogs and you do not have to consult anyone’s help. You must understand the reason for your dog’s excessive barking which may be that he is barking due to alertness, attention-seeking, anxiety or boredom. First and foremost priority, you have to understand the reason for excessive barking. When once the foundation is understood then you can easily go with the respective solution.    


One of the most common dog behavior problems involves digging in the ground. Sometimes, this is because of their mysterious nature or their searching capabilities. Certain dogs love to dig due to their hunting, search and rescue identity and characteristics. Other reasons may include boredom or trying to search for anything which was lost such as bone or toy etc. All you can do is give him the proper time and attention if he is bored. Make a proper time and schedule for your pet dog and give him proper love, care and affection.  


Anxiety is a common issue in dog behavior. He will be aggressive, uncomfortable or anxious. If the anxiety is due to separation then give him proper time and care. Your dog may start missing you after you leave the home. Make sure that you have provided him a proper time before leaving and do not forget to give him his favorite treat. Also, he may be having irregular urinary issues and laziness in his behavior. Including the dread energy, lack of easiness, feeling irritable and comfortability. 

Nipping and Barking

When a dog is nipping everything then the foundation maybe he wants your attention or he is pointing towards somewhere. He needs your attention and may be seeking your love. Just understand the reason for his continuous nipping and pointing. Go to the point where he wants you to go with him. In other cases, make a proper schedule to have some fun activities with your puppy. Do not be merciless while being so busy in your life that you won’t find any time for your pet dog. Your pet dog requires the same time and care as humans do. So never take it easy and satisfy your dog with multiple options such as an outside walk as the priority. 

Maternal Aggression 

In female dogs, this maternal aggression is very common due to their hormonal changes in the pregnancy cycle. Especially in their first few weeks of pregnancy, this aggressiveness is very common. This instability in temperament may lead to excessive barking or biting. In most cases, this lasts for more than three weeks. All you can do is to seek the veterinary doctor in this regard because this is a hormonal issue and doctors can seek it better.  


Some dogs howl to get attention, illness, respond to sound and communication etc. Also, the other reasons may include the alert of any danger or expression of emotions. In other cases, the reason may be excitement depending upon the situation. In some cases, dogs howl when they meet their owner after a long time. So if you are going to leave your dog then before this give him a proper time and when you visit him back, make sure that you have provided him with his favorite treat.  

Chewing and Destruction Dog Behavior Problems

It is a basic and common action of every dog. Usually, it is part of their habit but if this is a new action he is doing then learn some commands to teach him not to destroy your home items such as pillows or other important things inside your home. All you can do is to learn some commands such as ‘stop’ or ‘calm’ which can be beneficial to help him get stopped. The reason may be joy or excitement. But in other cases, it may be boring. All you can do is use an electronic collar to avoid him disturbing your home’s rules and regulations.   


What are some common Dog Behavior Problems? 

The common dog behavior problem involves aggression, barking, digging, excessive digging, anxiety, nipping, maternal aggression, howling, chewing and destruction. These are common abnormal behaviors in dogs which are the foundation of many reasons. 

What is the reason for the dog’s excessive barking? 

The reason may include aggressiveness in the dog nature. This may be due to hormonal changes, especially in pregnant female dogs. Sometimes this happens in the first three weeks of female pregnancy. You can seek a veterinary doctor in this regard to make sure that the reason is only her pregnancy

Why does my dog have a digging nature?

Your dog may be digging nature due to his search, rescue nature or he belongs to a hunting breed. You can learn some commands such as ‘calm’ or ‘stop’ to make him relaxed in any such situation. Also, you can have other fun activities to divert his attention. 


In summary, dog behavior issues involve various issues such as aggression, barking, digging, anxiety, nipping, over-barking, maternal aggression, howling chewing destruction of things etc. These are some common abnormal behavioral issues in dogs which may cause severe danger to human beings. Including, the reason may vary in every case but you can learn some basic commands or seek a veterinary doctor. 

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