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Dog Breeds in America: A Complete Guide

Dog Breeds

In the United State of America, there are multiple dog breeds common. If you want to know which breed of the dog is regular and customary in American then in this article, we have enlisted all the common dog breeds in America which are frequent in numbers. You can have a look below to get aware of the top 10 common breeds of dog. Also, there is a description of every breed for the dog along with the name. You can read the brief explanation of the respective breed. 

10 Common Dog Breeds

These are the top 10 most common dog breeds which are loved by the Americans. We have mentioned the dog breeds which you may have seen many times due to its frequency in numbers. You can read the short elaboration along with the dog breed type. These breeds are as follows:  

Dog Breeds 1: Labrador Retriever  

This is one of the most loveliest dog breeds almost spread around in America. They are cute, lovely and attractive. Due to their smart characteristics they are popularly used for the searching and rescuing domain. They are expensive due to their high risk of health issues. They have a moderate temperament and their average age is between 10-12 years. This dog breed starts from $400 onward.    

Breeds of Dog 2: French Bull Dog 

Bulldog is most popular in America and also in the rest of the world. This dog breed has large ears. They are loving and human friendly. This breed is common due to their friendly behavior with human beings. The price of the bull dog starts from $1,500 onward. They love to play with human beings and their babies too. A bulldog is adoptable due to playful nature. And this dog breed is gentle, kind, loving, caring and affectionate. 

American Dog Breeds 3: German Shepherd 

A very common and one if famous dog breed is the German Shepherd due to their unique characteristics which includes their playful nature. They love to play with human beings. They love to do exercises, playing with humans, jogging and hiking as well. The German Shepherd loves to play with human children and they do not harm them. Their average cost starts with $2500.

4th Common Breed of Dog: Golden Retriever 

The Golden Retriever is the common dog kept by the families and the most friendly with human beings. They love to play with childrens. The personality traits of the Golden Retriever includes their athletic characteristics and trainable nature. They are trustable and skilled trainers. The Golden retriever is the best family dog due to their friendly nature and is the safest dog breed. The average cost of the Golden Retriever includes Their prices starting from $1500. 

Dog Breeds 5: Bull Dog

Due to their cute face which has many wrinkles makes them more attractive and cute as well. They are friendly, lovable, cute and human loving. They are human companions and they have a heavy weight. Therefore they are kind, slow and lazy. But must be aware that they bite with their force of 305 PSI. Also, they do smell when kept inside due their genetics. Moreover, English Bulldogs are aggressive so must have some security measures while keeping this breed. Their price range starts from $2000 onward. 

American Dog Breeds 6: Poodle 

Poodles are one of the cutest dog breeds due to their furry hairs and can be easily kept inside the home. They are elegant, cute and lovely. Also, Poodles are human friendly. They are available in 3 sizes which are standard, toy and miniature. Their unique characteristics include their smart nature, trainable and affectionate. Its pronounciation is ‘Pudel’ or ‘Pudelin’ most commonly used. Their average prices start from the range of $600 onward. 

7th Common Breed of Dog: Beagle 

The American common dog breed includes beagles which have a peaceful, calm and joyful nature. They are hounds dogs who love to find new and mysterious things. They love to explore and maybe their common dog behavior includes digging in the ground to find new things to hunt. This is included in their nature so you do not have to worry about this behavior of the Beagles. They are safe to keep and their average price includes $500 onward. 

8th American Breed of the Dog: Rottweiler 

The American common dog breed includes Rottweilers which are larger in size and one of the most intelligent dogs. They are used for hunting purposes and they can be trained easily as well. They have a good physique which includes their strong muscles. For the reason of their strong physics, they are preferred for common work purposes. Also, if you have a good budget then you can buy the Rottweiler from the average range of $1500.  

Dog Breeds 9th in America: German Short Haired Pointer

They are very common and inexpensive. You can buy a German Shorthaired pointer if your budget is not so good. The reason is that their average price range starts from $500 onward. They are the most loyal dog breed and love to play with kids. However, all German Shorthaired Pointers have white spots on their bodies which makes them unique. Also, they are active in nature.   

Dog Breeds 10: Dachshund 

This kind of dog breed is common in America due to its characteristics which includes short legs and playful nature. You can keep a Dachshund as a pet dog because they are active and love to run and play all day. The average price range of the Dachshund starts from $1500. You can purchase this dog breed easily from any online store. Their characteristics include the high energy in them. Their size is the cutest characteristic but they bark a lot which creates noise. In short, You can keep it if you are willing to go with all these features of a Dachshund. 

The Final Discussion

The most common dog breeds in American includes Labrador Retriever, French Bull Dog, German Shepherd, Bull Dog and Poodle.

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