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Bernese Mountain Dog Activities (hiking, agility): A Complete Guide

Bernese Mountain Dog Activities

Bernese mountain dogs need normal exercise and a few additions to daily activities can make them have a healthy lifestyle. A Bernese mountain dog activities includes certain movements, training and workouts such as pulling a cart, herding cattle etc. This breed of pet dog is great for human friendship, companionship, generosity and goodwill. Let’s start with the history of this breed and then dig into the main topic afterwards.

 Where Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Come From? 

They are the descendants of the Swiss working dogs who used to live in Switzerland about 20 centuries ago. These dogs are kept to do daily activities such as herd cattle, and cart pulling and are also used to save farms and houses from any predators or dangerous attacks. In farms, they work for driving carts, drafting and protection etc. Their nature is human friendly and they are loyal to humans. They don’t have aggressive behavior and do not show any fearful nature towards human beings. 

In a few studies, it is said that they were brought to Switzerland by the Roma people around more than 1800 years ago. The main purpose of keeping these dogs at that time was to keep them for the protection of farms, and cattle. Also, they always had moderate behavior with human beings which made them always trustable and friendliness. The Bernese Mountain dogs are one of the four descendants of the Swiss working dogs. These dogs were always meant for farming-related purposes. 

  Interesting Facts About Bernese Mountain Dog

These are some interesting facts about Bernese mountain dogs and you will love to know about them. Here we go with these facts: 

  • This breed of dog is multi-talented with special characteristics and features of human companionship. 
  • They are beautiful, handsome and graceful with their special three-coloured skin hairs.  
  • They are the descendants of the Swiss working dogs which were kept in Switzerland and introduced by the Romans.  
  • They work for herding, drafting, driving carts and other farm-related activities. 
  • They are bigger as compared to other breeds of pet dogs. 
  • A Bernese Mountain Dog will never hurt your child. 
  • They have special fur on their body which is meant for their protection from cold air and weather.
  •  They have certain duties in sports and athletics. 

Bernese Mountain Dog Exercises 

Now, here comes the main purpose of the article and that is how much exercise a Bernese mountain dog needs. The answer simply lies in the words that only a few minutes of workout is enough for your pet Bernese dog. For your convenience, we have written all Bernese mountain dog activities which are good for his health and do not require as much practice and time utilization of his body. Here are some common things you can add to the schedule of a Bernese mountain dog which will not be boring but will also increase the companionship between you and your pet. 


A Bernese Mountain Dog will love to go hiking with you. You can take your dog along with you for a hike which will be one of Bernese mountain dog activities. This will reduce stress in your pet dog and he will lose his extra fats and weight as well. Including, the Bernese mountain dog will love the nature of the mountain and enjoy this exercise along with it. Also, this exercise will lower the rate of heart strokes in dogs due to loss of stress and fats.  


One of the best things you can add to the activities of your Bernese mountain dog is to give him a proper time for a daily jog. When you take your pet dog along with you, it will increase the companionship between you both and will make your bond stronger. All you need is to jog with your pet dog. This is a fun activity that will reduce the additional fats in his body and make him get more fitter.  


Although the weight of Bernese mountain dogs is so heavy and it is quite a tricky task to make him learn how to swim, still you can choose this activity as swimming is a full body exercise. You can hire a trainer who specializes in swimming training for the pet dogs. Also, this will make him more fitter than earlier. In short, if your pet dog gets to learn about swimming then this workout is going to be super worthwhile.  


Another preferable activity which you can add to the schedule of your dog’s routine is daily running. Make a schedule for your dog and take him out for a daily run in a spark or near a lake. This will improve the bonding between you both and running also improves blood flow. For humans, the daily walk or running for a few minutes in the morning is highly recommended by doctors. The best is to take him to his favorite place such as the nearest park or an eco-friendly place. 


A Dog is a dog yoga which means a dog exercise. This includes certain steps not exactly similar to human yoga but a few activity steps which are for animals to help them get a healthy life by reducing their stress. Various yoga poses are for different problems such as stress losing or aggression losing. Also, it makes the brain get activated all day long. So, you can go with this Bernese mountain dog activity daily.  

Tug of War 

Take a rope or a piece of cloth and give one side to your pet Bernese dog and keep the other side in your hand. Now ask your dog to pull it in his direction and at the same time pull it towards yourself. This will increase the muscles as this exercise requires pressure and force, so this way your dog will get a daily activity for a few minutes. 


What are some Bernese Mountain dog activities?

Some of Bernese Mountain’s dog activities include car pulling, herding, drifting, cart pulling and other farm-related activities. However, this breed of dogs was always meant to do the daily tasks of human beings. They are human-friendly and multi-talented as well. 

What is the history of the Bernese Mountain dog?

This breed of dogs belongs to Swiss working dogs which were kept in Switzerland 1800 years ago. They were introduced by the Romans and later on the Bernese Mountain dog became his four descendants. These dogs have special human-friendly behavior.  

What are some interesting facts about Bernese Mountain dogs?

Some interesting facts about Bernese Mountain dogs are that they are multi-talented with human-friendly behavior. They are beautiful, graceful and handsome. Also, their size is a bit greater than other normal dogs and have charming features as well. 


Bernese Mountain dogs are used in human tasks such as herding, cart pulling, sports activities and farm protection. This type of breed is dependent on early Swiss working dogs and has a very human-friendly behavior as well. Some of Bernese’s mountain dog activities include hiking, jogging, running, yoga, tug of war and swimming. You can keep this dog breed as a good companion of yours and they do not hurt children.

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