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Bernese Mountain Dog Activities (hiking, agility): A Complete Guide

Bernese Mountain Dog Activities

Bernese mountain dogs need normal exercise and a few additions to daily activities can make them have a healthy lifestyle. A Bernese mountain dog activities includes certain movements, training and workouts such as pulling a cart, herding cattle etc. This breed of pet dog is great for human friendship, companionship, generosity and goodwill. Let’s start […]

Dog Behavior Problems: 8 Common Issues In Behavior Of Dogs

Dog Behavior Problems

Similar to human beings, dogs have certain dog behavior problems. These problems are common issues in dogs and sometimes may confuse the owner of the dog. As an owner of your pet dog, you must understand the issues in your dog’s behavior. You must have a great grip on the understanding of the dog’s behavioral […]

Puppy Training: Tips From My 13+ Years Experience 

Puppy Training

All animals have certain characteristics which make them recognizable. Similar to humans, animals such as dogs or puppies require a puppy training routine to specialize in features and attributes. These qualities make them more manageable and this training helps to be adjusted in specific domains such as the army, therapy, military, herding and most all […]

Dog Breeds in America: A Complete Guide

Dog Breeds

In the United State of America, there are multiple dog breeds common. If you want to know which breed of the dog is regular and customary in American then in this article, we have enlisted all the common dog breeds in America which are frequent in numbers. You can have a look below to get […]

Dog Behavior: 7 Basic Behaviors of Your Pet Dog

Dog Behavior

Are you the owner of a puppy or a dog? And you are confused about the mysterious behavior of your pet? Is your pet dog biting, yawning, circling or barking too much? Stop looking any further! With my experience of 13+ years of keeping pet dogs, I have written all the basic problems which your […]