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Dachshund Puppies: A Complete Guideline

Dachshund Puppies A Complete Guideline

With long hair and short height, these long-bodied Dachshund Puppies are famous for their cute and innocent look. They are good family dogs and companions. With cute and short legs they are brave, savage and aggressive. These small hunting dogs have a violent nature and attributes. They are the successors of the German Schweisshund and some have similar personality traits to them. What is unique about them is that they bark a lot and love to do it very loudly. That is why they are known as bossy and fearless.

What is the personality of Dachshund Puppies?

The personality of a Dachshund includes aggressive and harsh behavior. They love to bark no matter if they need to do it or not. Brave, bold, heroic and daring. Also, violence and fight. The reason they show aggressive behavior is because of their proactive and reactive nature. What is the most attractive thing about them is that they are human-loving and good companions. Always showing a loyal attitude towards humans, these Dachshunds are best for keeping as daring friends.

Do Dachshund Puppies Hurt or get aggressive? 

A healthy Dachshund will show such a daring attitude and may bite to excessive biting. When these Dachshunds grow they become more aggressive as compared to their babies. They may bark in front of the new family members and may show a violent attitude toward them. In most cases, they are confrontational towards small pets. If you are willing to keep a Dachshund as a pet dog then keep in mind that you need to socialize and train them a lot to make their nature get indulged with other dogs.   

How to train a Dachshund Dog? 

Some of the requirements which you will need for this are mentioned below. We have written therein details given further. But make one thing sure to be consistent. Do not lose consistency while making your Dachshund get trained. Let’s have a look below!

Rule 1:

Start training him when he is young.

Rule 2:

Hire a professional trainer or start it by yourself.

Rule 3:

Keep the activities interesting. 

Rule 4:

Make him follow the commands by giving him a treat every time. 

Rule 5:

Do not get harsh with them!

Rule 6:

If needed, send him to the training academy. 

Rule 7:

Be consistent!

If you are looking to train your dog then all you need is to make sure to follow these all enlisted regulations. In short, your dog will get trained after following these rules.

Do Dachshund Puppies require Exercise?

Yes, your Dachshund will require a daily exercise of an hour minimum. You can take your pet dog outside the park or you can go hiking. Some other interesting activities include swimming and herding. To make it more playful, you will need to add some fun to these exercises. The recommendation is to take him to a place where he loves to go and do exercises. 

What are the various Colors in which Dachshund Puppies are available? 

They are in certain colors such as Red, Black and Tan, Cream and Black, Cream, Chocolate and cream, Fawn and cream. These all are available in various online stores and also in rescue centers. Also, there are three sizes of the Dachshund which are smooth, wirehaired, or longhaired. You can purchase the one which you like. With diversity in these colors, these dogs are available under the price of $18000 – $20000. One can keep these for watching and security purposes. 

Who Bred Dachshund Puppies?

This hybrid is not clear due to the reason that the real person who bred this breed is not known. However, it is said that this may be the mixture of famous breeds such as the German Shorthaired Pointer, a Pinscher, and a Bracke. But still, it is not clear from which breed he has been. 


  1. Are Dachshunds Aggressive?

Yes, they are aggressive and horny. What is unique about them is that they bark a lot and remain ready to fight. This behavior is natural in them and may show a nasty and crazy attitude.  But if you have a baby Dachshund then he may not reflect these attributes. 

  1. What are some personality traits of the Dachshund Puppies? 

The personality traits of the Dachshund dogs include aggressive behavior and horny attitude. These dogs are for security purposes and they are too violin to bark. 

  1. Do Dachshunds require Exercise?

Yes, Dachshund requires a lot of exercise such as hiking, walking, jogging, yoga, swimming, cycling, yoga and yoga. These are some common exercises they would love to do. Also, you can add some fun activities to these exercises. And yes, do not forget to add some treats to their reward when they follow your commands. 


The Daschund are one of the most aggressive dogs. With the unique features of a long body and short legs, they are best for security purposes. Similar to other dogs, they often bark at unknown family members. All you need is to know that if you are willing to keep these dogs then you need to purchase them from any rescue center. In short, they are aggressive and ready to bite, so make sure that you are going to train them carefully with consistency.

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