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Dog Care Tips: From Beginner to Pro

Dog Care Tips

Dogs have exceptional features and senses which makes them everyone’s favorite. A Lot of people prefer to keep dogs as pets due to their unique characteristics. Those who are owners of a dog or a puppy can read the dog care tips and the guidance which will make them take the supervision more wisely. I assure you that these tips are followed by me with a great experience of 13+ years. Let’s begin with basic tips for dog care!

Basic Tips for Dog Care

These basic tips are for every dog and puppy, no matter how the age is. Although if you are the owner and looking for everyday tips and guidelines to properly take care of your dog. The enlisted below are advice and instructions for you to maintain a healthy and good routine for the dog. These are as follows: 

Satisfactory Environment 

If your dog does not have a satisfactory environment then it may cause aggressiveness in it. A good and friendly environment can be made with the help of proper love, care and affection. In my experience of 13+ years, I have kept a lot of puppies and dogs, as per my routine I used to give proper attention to my all dogs no matter what their breed and age. Also, I would suggest keeping an eye on the change in your dog’s aggressiveness. If your dog is unhappy and showing a lack of interest in activities then definitely, it is the cause of change in the environment.

Healthy Diet

As similar to humans, it is a well-known fact that an enriched diet with multiple essentials makes the life more healthier. The fact is same for animals. As dogs are supposed to be active all the day then a healthy diet is a compensation. A high-quality dog food includes all kind of vitamin and minerals for a balanced diet. Your dog requires a well-maintained diet for being pro active in everyday life. Depending upon the dog’s breed, you can choose the respective diet.

Regular Toothbrush 

As per my experience, the proper care of the dog’s teeth is compensation. When the teeth of your dog are properly cared for with dental tools and instruments then the risk of transfer of germs is low down to great level. The gums can be maintained healthy with the help of proper dental cleaning. Fresh teeth can prevent bad breath and avoid the maximum transfer of highly human-effective germs and viruses. Give your dog proper teeth care and visit the dental clinic every week, month or as per the suggestion of the veterinary doctor. 

Encouraging Social Behaviour 

Once a dog is born, he starts learning social behavior and response. Therefore the key point is that dog care includes good attention from the owner’s side too. Follow an everyday routine for your god to meet him with his new friends (puppy, adult, age fellows). Your god will gradually start learning social behavior and even get friendly with your neighbor’s dog. Including, your pet will learn the approach of community behavior by the proper meeting. The more the owner is friendly, the happier they will be happy. 

Proper Baths

The proper bath of your pet dog will make him more fresh and hydrated. Create a dog pool with dog-friendly soap and shampoo. You can purchase these items easily from any store or online. Your dog will get more energetic after the bath and more hydrated. All you need is to carefully splash the water on your dog so that he may not get scared of it. Also, maintain a good pressure on the water if you prefer to use a water pipe pump.  

Attention and Care

 Most of the dogs are attracted by those wonders who give them proper time, care, love and affection. One can make a proper schedule for his dog to do some fun activities and exercise daily. Also, dogs love to walk outside in your town. Give them an everyday walk to the park or nearest area. The area where there are trees is highly recommended. Many dog owners stop loving them due to busy schedules and the lack of interest which leads to aggressiveness in the pet’s behavior. Ensure that your dog is having a good and positive response according to yours. 


In my experience, vaccination is one of the most crucial things I do with all my dogs. Take your dog to the best veterans clinic and ensure a proper vaccination. Once your god is vaccinated then he is good to go with you. Also, it is an important point for his health as the vaccination protects the god from various common and dangerous viruses and health issues. When your dog is suffering from any disease or in any case a global pandemic, do ensure a proper vaccination process for your pet as it may lead to some severe consequences. 

Proper Medication

Proper medication during a health issue is compulsory as it is a method to get rid of the disease. Do visit the veterinary doctor and seek good medication help from him. Including, make sure that the medicine is not expired if you are using it from a previous dog aid kit. Also, it is highly restricted to not use any human medicine for your pet, especially one with a high dose. Avoid too much medication as well. The best is to go along with the doctor’s recommendation and the suggestions.

Regular Clinic Visit

Seek proper help from the veterinarian as they have expertise in pet care. Do follow the instructions given by the doctor of your pet and never keep him free with all the other pets in the veterinary clinic. The reason is your dog may attack someone’s pet or may get attacked. So the recommendation is to prefer a pet bag over a leash. However, you can go along with your personal choice as well and as per the pet’s behavior. 

Summer Tips for Dog Care

Due to extreme sunny weather, your dog may get thirsty and stop showing interest in activities. All you can do is follow these crucial points to make your pet happy and keep a healthy routine as well. 

Proper Water Intake

Ensure a proper water intake for your dog because in summer dogs do get dehydrated. Do give them a proper water diet to avoid dehydration which is a very common issue during winters. Maintain a good water intake schedule for your pet.   

Cool Environment

A cool environment is a must-have in summer as the weather is usually high in these periods of year. Maintain a proper cool environment with the help of guidance which you can take from other pet owners. Once your dog has a cool place, he will leave his aggressiveness too. 

Avoid Extreme Sun Exposure 

Avoid extreme Sun exposure in summer as this may lead to fainting or other dehydration issues. Once a cool environment is maintained and then ensure that your dog is having most of the daytime there in his pet house.   

Winter Tips for Dog Care 

In winter, pets feel the cold the same way as humans do. Therefore there is a common misconception that pet’s fur does not let them feel cold in winter but this is a myth. A few suggestions as per my experience are as follows:

Moisturize Pet Paws regularly 

On cold days, dog paws get unmoisturized. Buy any pet dog moisturizer from the online store for under a few $’s. You can also go away with pet paw creams to ensure that there is no dryness in their feet. Avoid using cream which is toxic or contains irritating allergic results. 

Avoid Outside Walk

In winter, due to snow and high weather conditions, avoid outside walking especially in extreme conditions. If still your dog loves to go for a walk, then cover your dog or puppy with warm clothes. In short, warm clothing is a compensation. 

Warm Clothing of Dog 

As discussed above, prefer cosy clothing in winter to avoid making your dog uncomfortable with weather conditions. Ensure proper warm clothing or you can easily buy it online. Including, preferring your dog to stay inside the home. 

The Final Note

Dogs are cute and attractive. Therefore they do not require a bundle of care tips similar to cats or other pets but a few essential guidelines are mentioned by us in the article. If you are the owner then you must have to give proper care to the dog due to being an owner. Dog care tips are essential and include variations as per summer and winter or weather conditions.  


How to take care of the dog?

Give them a proper Satisfactory Environment, Healthy Diet, Regular Toothbrush, Encouraging Social Behaviour, Proper Baths, Attention and Care, Vaccination, and Proper Medication. Also, you must give special care to your god when he is not getting good health conditions. 

How to take care of a dog in Winter?

In winter, avoid taking your dog for an outside walk. Do moisturize your dog’s paw with a moisturizer under a few $’s. Give extra care to your pet by covering it with cold winter clothes. Including, maintaining a proper healthy diet as per the weather conditions. 

How to take care of a dog in Summers?

As a dog owner, your priority is to hydrate your dog with a proper water intake. Also, your dog will require a cool environment which must be maintained in the summer. You can buy an air conditioning system for your dog as well.    

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