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Dog Behavior: 7 Basic Behaviors of Your Pet Dog

Dog Behavior

Are you the owner of a puppy or a dog? And you are confused about the mysterious behavior of your pet? Is your pet dog biting, yawning, circling or barking too much? Stop looking any further! With my experience of 13+ years of keeping pet dogs, I have written all the basic problems which your pet puppy or dog may be doing. All you need is to look below the basic dog behavior and you will find the answers to all of your lack of understanding. 


Dogs bark when a thief or fraudulent activity is going on. Also when they see an unknown person especially trying to enter someone’s home or a danger is near. So, the excessive barking may be the reason for making you aware. But this is not only the case, a few exceptions in this scenario include joy, excitement or anxiety as well. Similarly, When your dog is unhappy he may bark unnecessarily to seek attention. For the solution, you can learn the dog’s calming commands and the addressing towards the dog to make him feel prioritized in the case of boredom. 


This is a common behavior of all dogs with specific breeds when they have a nature of hunting. My hounds and terriers used to do this activity when they were excited to find or hunt someone. This is something natural in their behavior. But if the dogs of other breeds are doing this then the reason may be that they are looking for something under the ground which can be anything like a displaced bone or a toy item. So, do not worry about anything, just be calm and patient. 


Usually, pet puppies and dogs feel sad when their owner is going to leave them. As the animals get friendly with their owners, this kind of scenario is the same for them as humans do get separated from each other. Your pet dog may even stop showing interest in his daily activities or may even stop eating his diet properly. Also, the anxiety includes aggressiveness in his behavior due to changes in environment or not satisfying his requirements such as proper food or love and care from the owner’s side. 

Disbalance in Urinary Schedule

The urinary excretion may get imbalanced due to anxiety or other issues. Many dogs pee inside the home which makes the environment troublesome. This is not disgusting behavior of the dogs as they make your home dirty, uncleaned and unpleasant. You will need to keep a check on the schedule of the dog’s urine during his period of behavior. Priority, seek a veterinary doctor who will assist you with this problem. The doctor will take a look at the dog’s health and will assist you in further process. But in the case of baby puppies, you can not do anything as they are unaware of this behavior. So, be calm and wait for 3-4 months to get your dog trained for it. 


If your dog is chasing objects such as cars, toys and other items then the reason may be that he thinks that his respective object is the prey. For the solution, you can use a leash when outside the home and also you can use an electronic collar to give shocks at minimum rates to prevent your dog from disobeying the rules and regulations. From this technique, your pet will get trained after a certain period.  

Jumping Up

When a dog jumps in front of his owner, then the reason may be he is excited about any plant activity and trying to ask you to have some fun activities. This behavior of the dog is due to being enthusiastic about something such as seeking love, care and affection. Your dog will jump and will stand on his two rare feet and will use his front feet to reach you. All you can do is go outside for a walk or have some playing activity inside your home.  


The biting of the dogs is due to certain reasons which include aggression. However, this may not be the case in all scenarios so the nipping, biting or snipping of your dog may be the reason you fear trying to give you any hint. Your dog may be biting because he is forcing you to play with him. Many dogs bark and snap at their owners to point out in some direction. All you need is to follow the direction in which your dog is trying to lead you.  


  1. What are some common dog behavior?

Some common dog behaviors include chewing, biting, barking, jumping up, chasing, imbalanced urinary schedule, anxiety and digging. These all are some of the common dog behaviors which may be a sign of something exceptional. However, dog behavior also varies from breed to breed.  

  1. Why is my dog excessively barking? 

In any case of your dog’s excessive barking, the reason may be he is aggressive about something. Or in other scenarios, dogs bark due to any fraudulent or mischief activity going to happen. As dogs have exceptional characteristics of the awareness of any danger, so you can keep an eye on your dog especially when he is leading you somewhere.

  1. Why is my dog having an imbalanced urinary schedule?

Your dog is having an imbalanced urinary excretion due to health issues. In that case, seek a veterinary doctor to get more guidance in this regard. But if your pet is a baby puppy of just a few months then there is nothing to worry about. Just wait for 3-4 for your pet to grow properly to understand all the rules and regulations of your home.  

The Final Discussion

The mysterious behavior of your pet dog such as barking, biting, shouting, chasing or urinary imbalances may be due to various reasons including aggressiveness, health issues, lack of love, care and affection. Also, dogs get hyper due to a change in environment or lack of their basic needs such as food or attention from the owner’s side. You can seek a veterinary doctor as well if you feel like your dog’s unpredictable behavior is due to his health conditions. 

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