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Cavapoo: A Complete Introduction and Information


 A mixture of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle, this breed of dog has a hybrid nature. Friendly, loving, playful, polite and many other factors which make pets love to think about investing in them. A Cavapoo is a breed with characteristics from both its parents. They are known as ‘Cavadoodle’ or sometimes ‘Cavoodle’. They are not as expensive and families love to get these furry and cute pet dogs.

Introduction to Cavapoo 

Cavapo has cute attributes that catch everyone’s attention. Their unique features make them fall in love at first sight. Whenever you are looking to buy a Cavpoo, it is suggested to get it from any rescue center or shelter organization as the pet dogs there are homeless and they also deserve the same love as human beings. This breed of dog is reputable due to their diverse features in nature and lovely features. You can surely invest in the Cavapoo to get its lovely nature. 

Cavapoo History

Cavapoo are also named as ‘Cavoodle’ or ‘Cavadoodle’. They are a hybrid breed of the famous Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle. In the 1990s this breed of dogs was introduced when breeders were trying to get a new breed of dogs. They have the mixture of personalities of both Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle. Their intelligence is on the next level similar to their parent Poodle.   Once they came into existence, their demand started rising and then they became highly populated. Now, they are huge in numbers and randomly in shelters and rescue organizations. Hence, you can invest in this breed because they also deserve the same love as other breeds do. 

Facts and features of Cavapoo 

 Some of the features of the Cavapoo are as follows. In the given table, I have mentioned all the facts about the Cavapoo. Some include size, life span, colours, nature, personality, shedding capacity, looks, features and prices. You can have a look below:  

Name of Feature Description 
Size23-36 cm
Life Span 12-15 years
ColorsBlack and Tan, Ruby and Red, Dark Apricot and Apricot, Black, Black and White, Tri-coloured 
Nature PersonalityHuman Children Friendly, Sweet, Loving, Intelligent, Socialized 
Shedding Capacity Low-to-no Level 
Looks and FeaturesShort height, Curly hairs, Long ears, round and cuddly bodies 
PricesShelter dog                  $100-$700Hobby Breeder            $1000-$2000Well-know Breeder      $2000-$4000

Cavapoo Highlights                                                                               

I have enlisted some of the highlights of the Cavapoo which are its key features. These include friendly, effective nature, intelligent, trainable nature, allergy-free and mini sizes. All are in detail given below:  

Friendly and Effective

 They are human-friendly and love to play with them. Their nature includes politeness, courtesy and good manners. Your children are secure with them and they would like to spend time with them.  Moreover, they have a nature which includes positive points like intelligence, good IQ level and cultivation. If you are willing to invest in dogs, then this breed is most recommended as they are one of those pets who do not show any aggressiveness to humans.  

Easy to Train

 They are easy to train as they are intelligent and you do not have to work so hard on them to make them trainable. All you need is to make sure that you have a schedule in which you train your dog very well daily. After a few daily basis training, you will eventually have a great and perfect dog with all obedience qualities. One must bring a healthy Cavapoo home from a rescue organization. Their price starts from $100 minimum.  

Children Friendly

 They are child friendly and your child is secure with them. No need to worry! They are safe with these cute Cavapoo dogs. A perfect dog for pet lovers with a polite nature and unique looks. Look no future for any breed, this is the best breed for you. Your child will love this cute-sized dog too. 


 Cavapoos shed fur to a minimum to low-level fur, which makes allergy sufferers avoid vacuuming their homes daily. You can also save electricity costs with these cute Cavapoos as they do not require any daily cleaning of your home. Including, you do not have a risk to your health in this regard.  

Cavapoo Size 

 The size of the Cavapoo are cute and this makes them super attractive. Their size is from  23-36 cm and this is a lovely feature in them. If one is looking for a mini-sized dog with cute looks, this is the most suitable choice for them. The smaller the pet is the less you will require time on its health and maintenance. Larger-sized dogs require more care and attention in grooming. They will easily get trained too.   

Health Issues in Cavapoo

 One must look for a healthy Cavapoo before purchasing this breed. Similar to other dogs, they have certain health issues which are mentioned below. These diseases are common in this breed. These diseases are as:  

 These all are common health problems in Cavapoo. You must seek a veterinary doctor as your priority as they have expertise in solving the issues in dogs. This breed has these issues, so if you have any Cavapoo dogs then go to the nearest veterinary doctor. Also, if you will make a proper schedule for it then this would be highly recommended as you would not require or hustle for a solution after getting the disease in your pet.    

What to Feed Cavapoo?

The Cavapoo loves to have a diet of high protein and carbohydrates such as beef, chicken, lamb, duck eggs, fish and such protein-enriched material. If you are the owner then you have to work on the diet of the Cavapoo, especially their most lovable food. You poet may not opt to eat every item we have mentioned but may love a few of these to a great extent. So, feed them the one he loves to eat. 

Cavapoo Grooming Guide

We have enlisted all the body parts of the Cavapoo which need improvement and daily basis grooming. So have a look below in the details below. Here we go as:


If your dog is not furry then the recommendation is to use such soaps and shampoos which are friendly to their skin. There might be a risk of any harm to their skin just because of these shampoos with harmful chemicals. So, try to use only authentic brands on their skins.                                                                       


To prevent any infection in your pet dog, you have to take a proper look at your pet’s eye. In any case, if your pet has caught any eye disease, the solution is to seek a veterinary doctor and use only recommended eye care ointment concerning the disease your pet is having.   


The ears of dogs are the parts of their body which are most infected and through this opening, most germs are gone into their body. Also, these germs from dogs’ ears can get into the human body which can be more dangerous. So, make it a habit to clean the ears of your pet dog every week. This would be one good step towards your dog’s grooming.    


Give him a proper bath with the best and recommend dog soaps and shampoos. You can also buy these from online stores. All you need is to give your pet a proper time and affection to your Cavapoo especially when you have purchased it from any rescue center. Do not forget to give him a daily bath!  


 As all animals have their feet and they walk barefoot, you have to take proper care of their feet as well. For the reason that they are barefoot, you need to take a daily cleaning of your dog’s feet. You can also buy tools which are essential for your pet to clean their feet. 


The various health issues include the disease such as Mitral valve disease such as (MVD), Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), Hip dysplasia, Luxating patella, Epilepsy, Dental problems, and Allergies. If you find any symptoms of these diseases then seek a veterinary doctor at first look. 


  1. What are some diseases which the Cavapoo can have?

Some diseases which the Cavapoo can have included (MVD), Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), Hip dysplasia, Luxating patella, Epilepsy, Dental problems, and Allergies. One Must seek a veterinary doctor if he finds any symptoms of these in their pet dogs.

  1. What type of grooming does my Cavapoo need? 

The grooming your pet dog needs includes health, foot, coat, ear, eye, and skin. These all are the major items which need daily base care. The ears of the Cavapoo have germs in them so you must clean them or take them to veterinary specialists.  

  1. What are some facts and features about the Cavapoo?

Some facts and characteristics include their colors like tri-coloured, Black and Tan, Ruby and Red and many more. Another feature of them is their allergy-free characteristics. You don’t have to vacuum your home daily just because of the reason that they shed minimum to low fur.  


A Cavapoo is a cute and intelligent pet dog. With diverse features in looks and nature, this breed has its demand. They are a hybrid of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle. Similar to Poodles, they have their intelligence level inherited from their parents. Some key features in them included their size, color, life span, nature, shedding capacity and looks. One must invest in this breed of dog as they are cute-sized and intelligent.


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