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Bernedoodle: A Complete Guide and Information


The Bernedoodle is a lovely dog breed who are very brilliant, smart and human-friendly and good. They are extremely low shedding and gentle with children. Your Bernedoodle is best to cuddle with you or your child. In this article, we have explored this breed of dog and provided you all related information which you can read to get more details on it. Well-known for loyalty, this breed is one of best human companions. This breed is best source of 

What is the most appreciable thing about them is their low shedding coat. They have their various categories depending upon their sizes. These charming dogs have unique beautiful features and characteristics. If you are willing to adopt a dog then this breed is going to be the best option for you. One of most reputable dogs who loves to stay active all day. 

Bernedoodle History

Sherry Rupke introduced a new dog breed which was more cute, lovable and allergy free known as SwissRidge Bernedoodle. Later on, she realized how to make a version of Bernese with unique characteristics. With many efforts, all resulted into Bernedoodle who are cuter and lovable. This is how these cute creatures came into existence with adorable animals.  

Bernedoodle Size and Characteristics 

The following are the certain characteristics of the Bernedoodle which includes lifetime, color, shedding capacity, colors and prices. These all are some common and basic attributes and essential qualities of this breed. You can have a look in the given table as:  

Normal Size22-29 Inches 
Lifetime12-18 Years 
Nature and Personality Gentle, Polite, Human-Friendly 
Shedding Capacity Minimum to No Shedding 
Looks and Features Cute, Lovely and Intelligent 
Colors Black, Brown and Tri-coloured 
Prices $2000 – $5000

Facts and Features of Bernedoodle


They are available in different colors such as black, black and brown, white, and black or a mixture of more than one color. This color variation makes them diverse and more captivating. Alpt of people prefer purchasing this breed of dog as they are available in many colors. And another good thing about them is they are low-shedders and allergic free.    

Eye Colour 

Most of the eye colors of Bernedoodle are dark brown eyes, few have  light blue eyes. They are one of the cutest breeds of dogs which are so adorable and lovable. As they are very eye catchy due to their smart and intellectual properties but apart from them what makes them more captivating is their eyes. Alot of dogs do not have such eyes and this is one of their best features in this breed.  


They are human-friendly, lovable and  true companions. They are smart, intelligent and trustable. You can trust them in the case of childrens. They will never hurt your child in fact they love cute children and play with them as well. They are calm and polite in nature. Usually, they don’t get aggressive and show any anxiety in them. 

Allergic Free

What I love about them is that they shed minimum to low levels of fur which makes their owner save their time in home vacuuming every day. This is a benefit to the largec patients.

Health Issues of Bernedoodle 

Some of the major health issues in Bernedoodles are listed below. These mentioned diseases are some common but major diseases in Bernedoodle which most of the Bernedoodle faces:   

  • Malignant Histiocytosis in Bernedoodles
  • Degenerative Myelopathy in Bernedoodles
  • Von Willebrand’s Disease in Bernedoodles
  • Hip Dysplasia in Bernedoodles
  • Heart Disease in Bernedoodles
  • Thyroid Issues in Bernedoodles
  • Luxating Patella in Bernedoodles
  • Sebaceous Adenitis in Bernedoodles
  • Bloat in Bernedoodles

When your dog gets unhealthy or shows any of these symptoms then in first and foremost priority, you have to visit a veterinary doctor who has expertise in certain diseases curation process. But the most recommended is to take him to a veterinary doctor every month so that if there is a rising chance of any of these diseases, they may get cured on time. Make a proper time schedule to take him after a certain time period. Focus on the health of your dog along with his grooming too.  

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