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Australian Shepherd Bernese Mountain Dog

Australian Shepherd Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog Mix with Australian Shepherd

Have you ever wondered what takes place when a powerful, ambitious Australian Shepherd combines with a beautiful, magnificent Bernese Mountain Dog? Join us as we explore the unique characteristics and traits of this intriguing mixed species.

The mixture of the Australian Shepherd/Bernese Mountain Dog is one of the more popular breeds. This dog is beautiful but intelligent, and very lively. Families with energetic members who can spend a lot of their time with their dogs will find it ideal.

Alternatively, families with little activity should avoid owning a mixed Australian Shepherd and Bernese Mountain Dog. This dog is just too energetic to spend all day inside the house. In addition, this dog needs a lot of room for moving around because it is large.

To learn about the characteristics of the Australian Shepherd/Bernese Mountain Dog mixed, keep reading. This article covers all the information that you require to know about owning one of these creatures. We are going to refer to these animals as Australian Mountain Dogs because their name is somewhat tongue-twisting.

Australian Shepherd/Bernese Mountain Dog Mix: What Is It?

The crossed species known as the Aussie Bernese or Berner Aussie mixed is a cross between an Australian Shepherd and a Bernese Mountains Puppy. They are gorgeous, huge dogs who inherently carry over the personality of their parent kinds.

Upon entering a room, the huge importance and luxurious coat of this combination will immediately catch your attention. You could initially believe that this is an Australian Shepherd breed. But if you examine it very closely, you’ll see the unique characteristics of a Berner Aussie mix.

An Australian Shepherd Bernese Mountain Dog mix requires attention just like any other breed of dog, and only a knowledgeable and dedicated owner can provide for these demands. They will give you their undying devotion even though they normally need a lot of attention in return.

Origins and Background of Australian Bernese Mountain Dog Mixes

It is more difficult to determine the origins and history of mixed breeds than purebred animals. Therefore, even though this combination is quite young, there isn’t any exact confirmation of the initial Aussie Bernese as of yet.

Some of these cross-breeds were produced by purposeful development, but the majority are the product of accidental breeding. Purebred Australian Shepherds and Bernese Mountain Dogs have enjoyed tremendous popularity for an extremely lengthy period. You may be able to learn more about how these parent varieties may have been formed by looking through their histories.

The original purpose of breeding Bernese Mountain Dogs, or Berners, was to help on farms in Switzerland. They were able to pull carriages, accompany cows, and guard animals. Regardless of gender, Bernese Mountain Dogs are highly people-oriented, therefore it didn’t take long for them to become farmers’ best companions.

A Kansas landowner imported the first Bernese Mountain Dog in 1926, and the breed was soon recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1937. Conversely, Aussies, often known as Australian Shepherds, have their roots and development in America. They come from a long line of herding families and are recognized as one of the original American rancher companies.

Australian Shepherds joined the AKC following group in 1993 after being officially recognized by the AKC in 1991—much later than Berners. Even though both Australian Shepherds and Bernese Mountain Dogs are recognized by the AKC, the Bernese Aussie mixed doesn’t qualify for recognition like other designer dogs. They still merit a pleasant life and an attentive home, though.

How To Maintain A Bernese Mountain Dog And An Australian Shepherd


Large dogs make up the Australian Shepherd Bernese Mountain Dog breed. As a result, a lot of nutritious food is needed. Feed the dog twice a day, or as recommended by the veterinarian, based on its size. Use a meal meant for large dogs to properly nourish the joints of your Australian Mountain Dog.

Naturally, fresh water must always be available to your Australian Shepherd Bernese Mountain Dog. Because of their lengthy coats and high levels of energy, dogs like these require a lot of drink.

It is crucial to remember that this species is prone to food sensitivity. If your canine companion is exhibiting indications of dryness of the skin, including loss of humidity, you may need to investigate sensitivities. If you suspect that your animal might be suffering from dietary allergy symptoms, consult a veterinary professional and adjust its diet.

Workout & Instruction

Given that they are working varieties, Australian Shepherds and Bernese Mountain Dogs might be active for long periods. Generally speaking, Bernese Mountain Dogs are far more relaxed than Australian Shepherds. Australian Shepherds have a somewhat straighter back than Australian Mountain Dogs. They still have a lot of work to do, though.

The Australian Shepherd, often known as the Bernese Mountain Dog, needs to exercise for at least one hour every single day. You can count both exercising outside or going for a walk toward your one-hour intensive workout. Along with attending to this period of action, it’s crucial to provide stimulating toys and cerebral stimulation for the dog throughout the day.

Those animals are exceptionally adaptable and gain a lot from continued instruction. They need to be entertained all the time to keep them from becoming bored and acting out in your home. Nonetheless, they still have a great deal to accomplish ahead of them.

The Australian Shepherd also referred to as the Bernese Mountains dog, requires daily physical activity for a minimum of an hour every day. Try to fatigue them more easily by tossing an object such as a ball or a football to them so they can recuperate. It is recommended that they work out for sixty to ninety minutes every day to be happy. To keep your Australian Shepherd Bernese Mountain Dog occupied when you’re at work or traveling from home, you may also consider getting them some indoor engagement toys.


 Australian Shepherds and Bernese Mountain Dogs need a lot of maintenance. You can probably expect your Berner to have a lengthy coat as this animal’s parents do. The exceptionally thick coats of these mixed-breed dogs are continuously shed, especially in the heat of the summer. At the very least every few days, brush your dog’s coat to prevent matting and unnecessary waste.

Regular dental brushing and periodic nail clipping are necessary for the dog. These pets would benefit from, if you can afford it, hiring a professional groomer who is knowledgeable about the necessary grooming routine for this breed.

Australian Shepherd Mix physical appearance of a Bernese Mountain Dog

An Australian Shepherd mixed with a Bernese Mountain Dog has a gorgeous, feathery appearance. Their ears are loose and flopping, and they have long, snouts that are remarkable.

Since the dominant parental genes determine the puppies’ appearance, no two litters are ever exactly alike. Still, their offspring would be big puppies with lengthy limbs and fluffy tails.

However, an Australian Shepherd Bernese Mountain Dog mix’s ponytail may be shortened or naturally flopped because of its Australian Shepherd background.

Berner Aussies add an injection of color to coat hues. Some have two colors, while others have three colors. They are typically a mix of colors, including merle, black, blue, brown, red, and white.

Given that Australian Shepherds have a wider range of coat colors than Bernese Mountain Dogs including the uncommon colors of red, blue, and black merles it is possible that they passed this trait on to the hybrid.

You can anticipate that their children will have long fur as well, as both of their parent’s dog breeds do. They are therefore far more appropriate in regions with cold, mild temperatures.

Three Justifications for Purchasing an Australian Shepherd/Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Because of this breed’s extreme loveability, it’s understandable why more individuals choose to own one of these dogs than other people. There are many wonderful characteristics and attributes that the Australian Shepherd/Bernese Mountain Dog mix has that you would like.

Devoted and constantly looking for a friend. They will constantly want you at their side, and you will like spending time with this dog if you like having a close friend nearby.

Both efficient and protective. You can only imagine how skilled they are in gathering animals and keeping them safe, given that they were once employed dogs.

Excellent for families with active lifestyles. Large, energetic dogs like this breed want continual attention, stimulation, and exercise, therefore you must be able to give these things to them.

Mixed Australian Shepherd and Bernese Mountain Dog Behavior and Character

Given that a Bernese Aussie mix is a crossbreed of two active dogs, enthusiastic behavior is to be expected. They enjoy engaging in activities with the people who own them, which makes busy families a good fit for them.

Given their background as working dogs, this mix may tend to defend and herd. Because of their great intelligence, they are also quick learners, which makes them simple to teach and comprehend commands.

They make excellent friends for everyone, including other pets, as they are inherently guarding and devoted dogs.

Their hybrids exhibit no discrimination, even though Australian Shepherds are known to be more territorial than Berners. This indicates that they also get together with other canines.

Although they are quite friendly and understanding toward tiny children, it is still advisable to have supervision because of their size, which may easily scare a child, even if they are not attempting to.

All in all, Bernese Australian mixes are quite cute dogs. To make sure they behave properly with other people and creatures, rapid socialization and good treatment at a young age are advised.

Australian Shepherd Mix Lifespan and Health Problems in Bernese Mountain Dogs

Similarly to their parent breeds, Bernese Mountain Dogs and Aussie mixes have fairly lengthy lives expected. These gentle giants live an average of 12 to 16 years if given proper love and care.

It’s wonderful for pet owners to have a furry friend to age with. Even though they are mostly healthy puppies, inherited illnesses and other health issues could still develop.

The following is a list of some of this mixed breed’s most prevalent medical conditions:

Dysplasia of the hip

Hip dysplasia is frequent in large dogs like Bernese Aussie mixes because of their size. This happens when the hip joints become deformed or underdeveloped, which reduces movement and causes pain.

Atrophy of the Progressive retina

This disorder damages the retina’s cells that recognize light, which can result in degeneration and possibly blindness in dogs. Regretfully, there is currently no known cure for progressive retina atrophy.


Bloat, often referred to as digestive dilatation volvulus infections, is the result of the stomach being full of food, liquid, or air and twisting. It’s crucial to remember that this is an emergency thus the best course of action after it occurs is to head straight to the veterinarian.

Hearing Impaired

Senior dogs are more likely than puppies to be deaf. Damage to the inner ear neurons results in this medical condition. As indications are typically progressive, you might not notice them right away. Dogs with this illness require a great deal of support and attention.


This is a problem when your Bernese Aussie mix dog’s body has accumulated too much fat. However, it’s equally conceivable that this might be due to your lifestyle and food. Teenagers should eat a balanced diet and be active outdoors because gaining weight can lead to additional major problems.

Can This Breed Interact Peacefully With Other Pets?

Introducing an Australian Mountain Dog to your other pets can present some challenges. Although they don’t act forcefully, these dogs do tend to herd others. The dog may attempt to herd and bite the rear end of other animals, even cats, due to its herding instincts.

Because of this, Australian Mountain Dogs get along well with other dogs but not so well with smaller animals in the home. You can bring the Australian Mountain Dog into your home even if you currently have smaller pets. You just need to give them a lot of training.

What Is the Price of an Aussie Bernese Mountain Dog Mix? Costs and Prices for Puppies

An Australian Shepherd Bernese Mountains Dog cross through a trustworthy breeder may run you between $500 and $2,000. Given its parent breeds, the corresponding price tag is to be expected. The price may vary according to region, coat people of color, and bloodline.

The price range for purebred Australian Shepherds is $400–$1,000, but the price range for Bernese Mountain Dogs is $800–$2,000.

You may also purchase one from rescue groups and shelters if the money is a little tight. Depending on the place to live registration for sponsorship can cost anywhere from $150 to $500. You could be saving a life in addition to dollars.

Additionally, it is imperative to avoid backyard and puppy mill breeders since they use unethical breeding methods and view dogs as money-making machinery.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Raising a Mixed Australian Bernese Mountain Dog

The union of two purebred canines is seldom without its benefits and drawbacks. Because of this, there are numerous debates about them. They still merit an apartment and a caring family, though.

To make things fair, we’ve documented the advantages and disadvantages of an Australian Shepherd mixed with a Bernese Mountain Dog for prospective owners.

Some advantages of holding a Bernese Aussie mix are listed below:

Beautiful Appearance

An Aussie Bernese Mountain Dog mix can catch the interest of anyone with its attractiveness alone, even without considering its size. Dog lovers are drawn to them because of their striking markings and uncommon color combinations. They are rare gems because there are very few of them in the entire globe.

Long lifespan

We desire a furry friend to stick by us through life’s successes and setbacks as pet owners. They live long lives, which means that you will have enough opportunities to create memories with them despite their small size.

Extremely Perceptive

A mixed Bernese Mountain Dog and Australian Shepherd is a genuine quick learner, much like both of its parents. Their quick learning curve means that you won’t have any trouble instructing them.

Wonderful family companions

When it involves friendship, this breed of dog possesses the ideal balance of devotion and personality. They have the kind of personalities that owners of pets will appreciate. They make excellent family pets because of their generally calm disposition.

However, there are a few drawbacks to owning an Australian Bernese in your house:

Requires a hands-on owner

The energy level of this hybrid breed is considerable. They require an engaged owner to match their level of enthusiasm. In the absence of physical stimulation, a puppy may become bored and turn to the act of chewing biting, and destructive behavior as a way to release pent-up energy.

High upkeep

You will have to put in twice as much work to maintain this dog. They drool a lot and shed a lot, so they would benefit from a committed owner when it pertains to housekeeping and grooming.

Inclination to become overly devoted to their owners

Bernese Aussie mixes make wonderful family companions, and they frequently develop a strong bond with the person they spend the most time with. If they fail to promote independence, kids could get fear of being separated.

Before choosing to buy or adopt an Australian Shepherd mix Bernese Mountain Dog, it is important to be aware of these facts.

You can prevent regret that causes future abandonment and mistreatment problems by weighing the benefits and drawbacks of each.


To sum up, the Aussie Bernese, sometimes referred to as the Berner Aussie or Aussie Shepherd cross, is an intriguing and active hybrid breed. This article has shed light on their history, traits, maintenance needs, and possible health risks. As we lovingly call them, Australian Mountain Dogs are the perfect companions for families who are active because they mix the sharp mind of the Australian Shepherd alongside the kind disposition of the Bernese Mountain Dog.

There are many benefits to the Australian Shepherd/Bernese Mountain Dog hybrid, from their stunning beauty to their extended lifetime. They are very sensitive and fantastic family partners, offering happiness and commitment to those who can devote the necessary time and effort to their development. However, it’s crucial to be aware of the potential drawbacks, including the need for a hands-on proprietor, high maintenance, and a tendency toward over-devotion.

You ought to weigh the way you live, degree of commitment, and ability to care for a mixed Australian Shepherd and Bernese Mountains Dog thoroughly before adopting one. Providing your beloved companion an affectionate location is crucial, whether you decide to buy from a respectable veterinarian or transfer from a neighborhood shelter or rescue organization.


How long does a mixed breed of Australian Shepherd and Bernese Mountain Dog live?

With the right attention and consideration, the Aussie Bernese mix can live up to 16 years, which is a comparatively lengthy period.

To what extent do they require exercise?

The dogs in question require a minimum of one hour of physical activity every day due to their extremely high activity output. This can include going on outings and having experiences outdoors as well as education and toy playtime.

Which health conditions are prevalent in this group?

Hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, bloat, hearing loss, and weight-related problems are a few possible health problems. For preventative maintenance, routine veterinarian examinations are necessary.

Are they appropriate for households with kids?

Indeed, they can make wonderful family friends. Because of their size, management is advised, and early conditioning is essential to guarantee appropriate conduct among kids and other pets.

Do they lose a lot of hair?

Yes, mixed breeds of Australian Shepherds and Bernese Mountain Dogs are prone to experience frequent shedding. They both have thick coats. Weekly grooming is required to keep their coat healthy and prevent sticking.

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