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How Big Do Bernedoodles Get?

How Big Do Bernedoodles Get

When a Bernedoodle reaches adulthood, what is its maximum size? (Small, Compact, Medium, Large)

Are you interested in knowing how the possible size of Bernedoodles? Might affect your choice to own one? Let’s examine the variables that affect Bernedoodle size variations. And what potential owners might anticipate as their pet matures?

A Bernedoodle is a happy, friendly, and enthusiastic puppy. Who is usually happy about spending time together with you? Looking for a bright and dynamic animal friend for your family? A Bernedoodle could be a great choice.

Although Bernesedoodles make wonderful family pets, choosing one might be difficult at times. Furthermore, we’re talking about sizes here, not coat colors. Yes, there are four sizes of full-grown Bernedoodles available. And each is appropriate for a particular type of environment and family.

Everything there is to know about fully grown Bernedoodle puppies will be covered. In this article on the blog today. We’ve covered all you need to know, from the various sizes of Bernedoodles to the age at which they reach adulthood. As well as the variables that affect their size. And how they impact the personalities of the various varieties.

Therefore, continue reading to the conclusion if you’re still unsure. About how big or what proportions a Bernedoodle can reach.

How Much Can A Bernedoodle Weight?

How big puppies can grow is a question that many pet owners have. The solution to this question relates to Bernedoodles and their sizes. Indeed, given that this breed can range in size from little to micro to standard.

Continue reading this post without worry. We’ve also gone over each full-grown Bernedoodle size. And its comprehensive growth chart in more detail.

This type of dog, as you know, is the result of a cross between a Poodle and a Bernese Mountains Dog. These two species are active, social, and energetic. Thus, the Bernedoodle breed shares characteristics with its founders. They’re also gregarious, devoted, and loving. Their kind temperament and lively personality make them ideal family companions.

These dogs are adaptable to different locations. And might fit into practically any family. In general, female dogs are smaller than male pets in terms of size. Additionally, the breeds of Poodle and Bernese Mountain are utilized in breeding. Determines the total size of the Bernedoodle dog.

Sizes of Bernedoodles

There are four sizes available for Bernedoodles:

  • Toy Bernedoodle size
  • Mini Bernedoodle dimensions
  • Bernedoodle size medium
  • Bernedoodle standard size

Let’s get into more depth about each sort of Bernedoodle’s size.

Toy / Small Bernedoodle Dimensions & Mass

The lowest size of Bernedoodle is called a tiny Bernedoodle. Sometimes called a toy Bernedoodle. The Small/Toy Poodle and the Mini Bernedoodle, both of which are smaller in dimensions. AU6Yre bred together to produce the Tiny Bernedoodle.

The smallest size in the Bernedoodle breed is its toy dimensions. Toy Bernedoodle are mixed dogs that blend the characteristics. Of the Poodle and the Bernese Mountains Dog like full-grown and small Bernedoodles.

The Toy Poodle measures between six and nine pounds as well as reaches roughly ten inches tall. The Mini Bernedoodle is between eighteen and twenty-two inches tall. And measures between twenty-five and forty-nine pounds.

When choosing a trustworthy doodle breeder, you should exercise additional caution. But this caution extends to toy or miniature sizes as well. Regretfully, there are some irresponsible breeders out. They that value small stature more than healthy puppies, and the dogs that result. From this practice frequently have serious health issues for the rest of their lives.

How Much Can a Tiny Bernedoodle Grow?

At what size can tiny Bernedoodles grow? The fully developed Tiny Bernedoodle stands approximately seventeen inches fifty centimeters tall. And weighs around ten and twenty- four pounds.

Features of Toy / Small Bernedoodles

  • Despite their diminutive appearance, toy Bernedoodles are powerful canines. That needs consistent training and mental stimulation.
  • When compared to other breeds, the intellectual capacity of these dogs is impressive. They can be trained to perform a variety of tasks, including teaching agility. And keeping an eye on behavior compliance.
  • Under proper care and training, toy Bernedoodles can live longer. And are considered excellent therapy dogs.

Size and Weight of a Mini Bernedoodle

The Bernedoodle smaller versions are never as huge. As the ordinary ones nor equally tiny as the Tiny versions. These are therefore classified as tiny dogs, even if they belong. To the moderate dog category in other dog breeds.

The combination of a small Poodle along a Bernese Mountains Dog is called a mini Bernedoodle. These dog breeds are roughly fifteen inches tall and measure twelve to twenty pounds. A fully developed tiny Bernedoodle appears little in comparison. To a Bernese mountain dog, which may weigh up to 79-110 pounds and stand 23-28 inches tall.

How Much Can a Mini Bernedoodle Grow?

When completely grown up, a Mini Bernedoodle measures. Approximately twenty-five and fifty pounds and reaches an overall. Height of eighteen to twenty-two measurements in inches. Similar to other species, the female pup is lighter than the male.

Features of a Mini Bernedoodle

  • Mini Bernedoodles are active, excited dogs that need regular exercise. And mental exercise despite their small height.
  • Because they are smart dogs, mini Bernedoodles can be trained to accomplish. A variety of tasks, including agility courses and obedience training.
  • Like their adult counterparts, little Bernedoodles may be excellent therapy dogs. And wonderful family friends.
  • Mini Bernedoodles can have healthy and lengthy lives with their human owners. If they receive the right training and care.

Medium Weight and size of Bernedoodle

The medium Bernedoodle size is, as its name indicates, smaller than the typical size. But larger than the miniature or mini size. Dog specialists claim that when compared to other designer dog breeds. The medium Bernesedoodle is currently among the largest in terms of weight. 

One “unofficial” Bernedoodle size group is the Medium size.  Larger Compact Bernedoodles and smaller Standard Bernedoodles are frequently described using this term.

How Much Can a Medium Bernedoodle Grow in Size?

At what size may a medium Bernedoodle grow?  The shoulder height of a medium Bernedoodle typically. Ranges from seventeen to twenty-five inches. 

While exact sizes are unknown, one can approximate them. The medium-sized Bernedoodle size is between twenty-one. And twenty-four inches tall and thirty-five to fifty-five pounds.

Features of a Medium Bernedoodle


  • Typically, medium Bernedoodles average between forty and seventy pounds and have a shoulder height of between eighteen and twenty-two inches.
  • They have a curly or wavy coat that can be black, brown, white, or any mix of these colors.
  • Medium Bernedoodles are well-known for being amiable and kind, making them excellent family companions who get along with kids and other animals.

Weight and Size of Standard Bernedoodle 

The standard Bernedoodle is the largest variety of Bernedoodle dogs. The reason for this is that it originated by crossing a Standard Poodle with a Bernese Mountains dog. A Standard poodle is capable of growing to be approximately eighteen and twenty-four a few inches in length and measures between forty-five and seventy pounds.

Contrast that with the physical stature of a Berne Mountains Dog can vary between twenty-three to thirty-eight inches, while its estimated weight ranges from seventy-nine to 110 pounds.

What Is the Average Size of a Bernedoodle?

A Standard Bernedoodle typically ranges from twenty-three to twenty-nine measurements (fifty-eight to seventy-five cm) in height at its highest point on its shoulder region. Although Standard Bernedoodles weigh fifty pounds at birth, they usually weigh between seventy and ninety pounds, and sometimes even more. 

Features of Standard Bernedoodle

  • These are in-motion, energetic pets who require regular training as well as mental stimulation.
  • This intelligent dog may be trained to perform a variety of tasks, including agility and discipline training.
  • With proper care and training, a typical adult Bernedoodle is capable of living a long life with its owner.

What Affects a Bernedoodle’s Weight and Height?

Numerous factors determine your Bernedoodle’s mature size. Several factors to consider are your dog’s gender, the parents’ dimensions and weights, and the generation that your Bernedoodle belongs to.

It’s challenging to estimate your dog’s actual size because of all these variables, but this information does help us generate a rough approximation.

First of all, a Bernedoodle’s genetics will determine the length to which it grows. Which gender of Bernedoodle is more appealing? In terms of dimensions and body mass, male Bernedoodles frequently measure somewhat bigger than female Bernedoodles.  Just a limited difference, but roughly 10% bigger.

The physical size and weight differences between males and females might not appear as obvious in the smaller Tiny and Mini Bernedoodle sizes as they are in the larger Medium and Standard Bernedoodle sizes.

The parents’ size is a crucial factor to take into account.  The inherited traits that parents pass on to their children determine how big a Bernedoodle will grow.

The probability is that if one parent was shorter than normal, then the child may also be on the smaller end of normal.  Remember, though, that genetics are unexpected.

Lastly, a significant factor in your dog’s eventual size will be what kind of Bernedoodle they are.  The term “generation” for a Bernedoodle describes how similar your dog’s genetic composition is to those of a Poodle or a Bernese Mountains Dog in theory.

Impact a Bernedoodle Development

The following are all the main variables that can impact the growth of a Bernedoodle:

  • Parents Age
  • Weight, Size, and Height
  • The Bernedoodle generation

Parents Age

Indeed, a Bernedoodle’s size varies by its gender. Generally speaking, male Bernedoodles are ten percent bigger than females. But when referring to full-grown little and mini Bernerdoodles, their measurements are similar for both genders.

Weight, Size, and Height

You should also take the dimensions of the father Bernedoodle breed into account. This is because parents pass on genetics in addition to attributes to their puppies. So, measure your parent’s size to get an idea of how large your Bernedoodle may grow. Predicting the generations to come, however, is not an easy task.

The Bernedoodle generation

The creation of the Bernedoodle is the final component. This has a big impact on how big the Bernedoodle dog gets as well. You need to ascertain your dog’s overall genetic makeup.

In addition to these, other circumstances can also result in Bernedoodle size variations, including:

  • Food Consumption 
  • Exercise 
  • Expectancy
  • Breed normative growth
  • The litter’s size

When Bernedoodles Do Stop Growing?

It could feel like your Bernedoodle puppy would never stop building. Cherish these early days as a puppy time will pass quickly.  The question of “How big do Bernedoodles get?” has an answer now. But when do Bernedoodles grow out of control?

Bernedoodles typically grow to their full size between the ages of one and three years.  Like additional variables, heredity plays a major role in this.

Like similar huge breeds, Bernese Mountain Dogs often mature over an extended time.  Most reach adulthood by the time they are two years old, while some may keep developing until they are three.  In contrast, poodles are a smaller species and reach adulthood around the age of eighteen months.

A Tiny Bernedoodle will typically reach full maturity before a Mini Bernedoodle, which will occur either as a Medium Bernedoodle as well as a Standard Bernedoodle due to size variations.

Does a Bernedoodle Dimensions Affect Their Temperament?

You may be surprised when you discover that a dog’s size can have an impact on their disposition. This is the reason it’s generally advised that if you’re considering getting a puppy, you should consider room and necessities.

Let’s first examine the relationship between dimensions and temperament:

Toy / Small Bernedoodle Dimensions & Mass

The personalities of mini and tiny Bernedoodles are similar. To create these adorable little and toy variants of the Bernedoodle, breeders combine mini or toy Poodles with Bernese Mountain Dogs. Compared to dogs of various sizes, these dogs exhibit higher levels of stress. Small dogs tend to bark frequently and have stress problems, and one of the main causes of this is their tiny stature. All the same, these dogs are happy and quite active.

Standard Personality Dimensions

When compared to other sizes, the standard-sized Bernedoodle has a more well-rounded and athletic demeanor. This is mostly because they get all the greatest traits from their parent’s breed, which is the Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog. These dogs are kind, amiable, and devoted to their families.

But because of Burness’s side of the family, these dogs can also be stubborn and possessive at times. For these dogs to be healthy, happy, and in good physical condition, they must walk for at least an hour every day. They get bored, therefore, if their owner refuses to spend time with them.

Which Type of Bernedoodle Is Perfect for You?

Perhaps after reading everything, you’re wondering what size Bernedoodle dog is perfect for you. Though this is entirely up to you, there are a few considerations to make if you’re still unsure about the size of full-grown Bernedoodle puppies you must get.

You can choose the size of dog you want on a variety of criteria, including time and space. Assuming that your home is spacious and that you spend a lot of time with your dog, the Standard size is the ideal choice.  These dogs have the most ideal temperaments and personalities.

The regular-size Bernedoodle is an excellent choice, even if this is your first pet. But you additionally have to give them a large playing space and give them a minimum of two or three hours of movement.

Furthermore, if you do not have enough room if you stay in an intimate apartment or property, a tiny Bernedoodle is the finest option. These little dogs have low activity needs because they don’t demand huge spaces.


In conclusion, prospective owners must be aware of the possible differences in the size of Bernedoodles to make an informed choice regarding their future companion. Toy/small, mini, medium, and standard are the four primary sizes of Bernedoodles that have been thoroughly covered on this page. Every size group has distinct traits, personalities, and maintenance needs of its own.

The essay also explores the relationship between temperament and size, emphasizing how individuals of different sizes may display a range of behaviors and levels of energy. There is a size that fits any personality and living environment, whether one selects the speed of a standard Bernedoodle or the compactness of a toy version.

The ideal size of a Bernedoodle ultimately relies on personal preferences, living situation, and degree of activity. Prospective owners can assure that they will be pleased and at ease with their Bernedoodle partner by carefully weighing these considerations and the information presented in this article.


What are the various Bernedoodle sizes?

The four major sizes of Bernedoodles are toy/small, mini, medium, and standard. Every size group has a certain weight and height range.

How big is a little Bernedoodle, or toy, really?

Small/toy The smallest size group, bernesedoodles normally weigh between six and twenty-four pounds and are between 10 and 17 inches tall.

What is a suitable measurement range for a miniature Bernedoodle?

Mini Bernese Mountain is somewhat bigger than toy/small Bernedoodles, taking into account around twelve and fifty pounds and averaging around fifteen and twenty-two inches in width and height.

What qualities make up a medium Bernedoodle?

Approximately the mini and standard sizes, medium Bernedoodles typically weigh between thirty-five and fifty-five pounds and have heights between seventeen and twenty-five inches.

What is a Bernedoodle’s typical number of people?

Standard Bernedoodles, who often range between seventy and eighty pounds and measure between twenty-three and twenty-nine inches tall, make up the dog with the biggest weight category.

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