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Bernese Mountain Dog Mix Husky

Bernese Mountain Dog

How is the Husky Bernese Mountain Dog Mix a special and adaptable canine friend due to an uncommon blend of characteristics from both the huskies and the Bernese Mountain Dogs?

This beautiful hybrid, sometimes referred to as the “Bernese Husky” or “Bernsky,” is a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Husky. It combines the greatest qualities of both parent’s breeds to create a unique and charming companionship for people as well as families. It might be difficult to maintain a Bernese Mountain Dog/Husky mix when necessary, particularly if you live in a tiny quarter or a city house. Nevertheless, the enormous personalities of these mixed-breed dogs suit all kinds of households.

These dogs appreciate receiving love and being outdoors with their owners, which makes them ideal for large households as well as those with young children. However, the breed still requires much training, particularly in its early stages.

Since not every Bernskie has the same collection of values, it can occasionally be difficult to establish this hybrid’s disposition. A big part of their personality depends on their family, which is the reason you need to attentively identify a Bernsky breeder.

We will proceed through the process step, explaining the parent breeds first, so that you can get an excellent start to this incredible crossbreed. With any luck, this post will provide you with a thorough understanding of the Bernsky dog and enable you to determine if this unusual breed is right for you as well.

What Are The Huskies Mix Bernese Mountains Dog?

The Bernese Mountain Dog and Russian Husky are the two AKC-recognized varieties from which the Bernese Mountain Dog hybrid puppy is descended. Given that the genetic makeup of these two canines is entirely different, this blend is unique.

Nevertheless, their progeny, the Bernsky, are devoted, loving, and anxious to earn your affection, making them a dependable and respectable family dog.

Generally speaking, because they are not headstrong and always try to please their owners, Berner mixes have an immense amount of potential to make wonderful family dogs.

The breed isn’t suitable for people who are always on the go, despite the fact these puppies may easily fit into any kind of household! For those with busy days, Bernskies can be too much because they tend to be more attached than their parents.

Three Arguments Against Purchasing a Bernese Mountain Dog/Husky Mix 

  • A puppy mixed with a husky and a Bernese mountain dog may become large. This mixture isn’t appropriate for you if you live in a rental property or a small apartment. It might take up a lot of room in your home. If you view it as a house companion, make sure your home has a roomy location wherever your dog can spend a lot of time.
  • Looking at this mixed puppy can prove challenging for those who are new to dog ownership. Its Husky parentage makes it reasonably acclimated to its environment based on the breeds of its parents. In addition to being separate, huskies can be irritable.
  • Puppies a Bernese Mountain Puppy and a Husky mix are less tolerant of leaving them unattended. People with hectic lifestyles or those who travel frequently may find this attribute annoying. After being alone with them for several days, dealing with their wrongdoing could be rather exhausting.

Parents The breeds of Husky Mix Bernese Mountain Dogs

Given the unpredictable nature of the Bernese Mountain Dog/Husky combination,  the puppy to its parents first.

These two big dogs also have a lot of energy and make excellent working pets. This is one of the key causes of the need for wide areas and freedom of motion for Bernese Mountain Dog/Husky mixes. These dogs just don’t fit in tiny apartments.

The gentle nature of these puppies makes Berners one of the best family breeds of dogs in the world, separate from the proven fact that they make good workers. It is a genuine pleasure to have them because of their outstanding tolerance for kids alongside other pets.

However, because of their playful temperament, husky dogs are snappy and never uninteresting. Nonetheless, compared to their male companions, female Huskies could be a little more self-sufficient and peaceful.

What Is The Appearance Of The Bernese Mountain Dog Husky Mix?

One of the key factors contributing to Bernese Mountain Dog Husky Mixes’ rising popularity is their attractive and compelling beauty. They inherit their appearance as well as other traits from their devoted parent varieties, the Siberian Husky and the Bernese Mountain Dog, just like all other mixed breeds do.

The Whole Look

Bernese Mountain Dog Husky Mixes possess a thick coat and tail, and a rectangular, sturdy build. The head and face have more husky traits overall, with a narrow forehead and a hooked forehead with a jet-black nose. Their stunning sapphire eyes are breathtaking, paying respect to the characteristics of their husky parents.

When they are passionate or vigilant, their little, pointed ears spring up. Finally, they have powerful, medium-sized furry hands and legs that are designed to support the weight of the human body.

Layer and Hue

Puppies with dense dual coats, consisting of a luxurious outer layer and an undercoat, are Bernese Mountain Dog Husky Mix breeds. These litters can have a wide range of patterns and hues, depending on the characteristics inherited from their maternal breeds.

The simple term, thick coat of huskies, which comes in a variety of hues and designs, is well known. Either a striking black-and-white combination or pure black is the most popular hue. On the other hand, solid white, grey, metallic copper, red in color, and sable hues may also be used.

Typically, the coats are medium-long, which is the ideal length for a husky and a Bernese Mountain Dog. Though less common, they may additionally sport lengthy coats. These dogs will survive during the summertime because of their coat, even if they prefer the cold.

Dimensions and Elevation

Large-type dogs are those that are Bernese Mountain Dog/Husky Mix breeds. In terms of both length and weight, the Bernese Mountain Dog is larger than the Husky. In this sense, the height of Bernese Mountain Dog Husky Mix puppies is more akin to that of their husky parents they are still huge pups, but smaller than a Berner.

A grown-up male Bernsky mix can grow to be 25 inches tall, while an adult female can reach 23 inches. They weigh between fifty and one hundred pounds. But it all depends upon the general health and genetic makeup of both of their parent breeds.

Their height and energetic behavior make them unfit for little houses and apartments. Rather, they need large areas for them to discover and grow.

The Beginnings of the Bernese Mountain Dog/Husky Crossbreed

It is pretty difficult to pinpoint precisely how these customized canines came into being. Since this crossbreed is less common than other combinations, dog experts view it as a relatively recent hybrid.

Having said that, researching the background of a breed’s parent varieties is the most reliable method of predicting the personality and physical characteristics of a Bernsky. Husky dogs are descended from an extended family of working and sled dogs, on the one hand.

They are powerful, athletic, and agile due to their extensive history of pushing the sleds in Siberia.

Berners, on the other hand, have a far longer past. They originate from the Roman era. This dog is thought to have been brought to Switzerland around two thousand years ago by the Romans.

These dogs served a variety of functions, the most well-known being transporting carts, watching after animals, and transporting cattle.

With time, Berner breeders have come up with an all-purpose dog that is also a wonderful addition to the family.

The Temperament of Bernsky

Predicting a Husky mix’s disposition is always challenging. Although generally well-mannered, these Siberian dogs are capable of being naughty and difficult. But they get away with it since they’re typically attractive and heartwarming due to their sassiness.

Nevertheless, there’s a good chance a Bernsky puppy will grow up to be a real family pet. These breeds of dogs are always calm, kind, and willing to please because of their Berner parents. They get together perfectly with small children and other dogs.

Bernskies make excellent therapy dogs and excellent nannies. They frequently exhibit defensive tendencies toward children because they have strong parenting instincts. They are also reasonable watchdogs because of their self-awareness.

You need to socialize and behavior-train your puppy from a young age if you want a dependable Bernsky puppy in your home. Because of their great intelligence, teaching these dogs is easier generally.

Growing up

Given that the dog you have is a Husky mix, it is advised that you start teaching obedience and socializing early on. Inflexibility is a trait that both male and female husky dogs tend to exhibit, which makes training considerably more challenging as they become older.

Bernsky puppies, still don’t need to be high-maintenance dogs because they get along well with their family members and other pets. They are ideal for households with young children since they enjoy playing with them.

They are quite tolerant because they don’t mind getting pushed by their tail or jumped on sometimes. These gentle giants make excellent watchdogs and childcare providers because they always behave protectively toward children.

You should feel comfortable if a lot of people visit your home frequently. As long as strangers treat them with acknowledgment these dogs love spending time with them.

Nonetheless, these dogs should receive socialization training while they are still puppies to avoid uncontrollable behavior later in life.

Health Problems with the Bernese Mountain Dog/Husky Mix

These crossbreeds are capable of lasting up to 12 years, despite not being the fittest dogs in the world. This is a decent duration of life considering the longevity of their Berner parents.

Nevertheless, the puppy has many serious problems, including eye diseases, bloat, and hip and elbow dysplasia. Even bone marrow tumors, a far less common occurrence than the ones discussed above, may affect certain dogs.

Elbow and hip dysplasia

Dogs with hip and elbow problems are frequently affected; big breeds are primarily affected. These two problems are generally inherited and become apparent in the first few weeks of the puppy’s existence.

A hip joint failure known as hip dysplasia causes a bunny to move around, limp, pelvic pain, and sleepy behavior. Puppies with elbow dysplasia, on the other hand, exhibit similar symptoms but for enlarged, puffy elbows.

The majority of the time, surgery is used to treat these diseases. Nonetheless, the typical cost of surgery for elbow and hip dysplasia is not very low, ranging from $1500 to $3000. Following surgery, eight to ten weeks are dedicated to recuperation.

The cataracts

Another genetic condition that can impact both young and adult dogs is dog cataracts. This is an illness that progresses where dogs that have cataracts may become either totally or partially blind.

Nevertheless, compared to gradual retinal weakness, which is incurable, this illness is significantly less severe.

Mostly affecting husky puppies, not Berners, are blindness. Surgery is used to treat the problem. Nonetheless, the cost of having cataracts removed ranges from $2700 to $4000.


Swelling happens in bigger dog varieties as these hounds have wide bellies. This state is comparable to having gas in the stomach. Bloat is primarily caused by improper eating and low-quality meals.

Bloat is typically characterized by an enlarged stomach, panting, a complete or complete loss of desire for food, pacing, anxiousness, and sleepy behavior. In certain cases, bloat prevents dogs from even drinking water.

This disease can be devastating if we take into consideration that unchecked dilatation can have fatal consequences for your dog. This abdominal inversion needs to be addressed as soon as you detect the first indications.

How to Take Care of a Husky Mix Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog Husky Mix pups need your undivided attention and time, just like any other puppy. Put things to the side for a bit, and get ready for a difficult period. You must devote time to training, exercising, and feeding these cute little ones. Thus, become knowledgeable about pet care before acquiring a new one.

Work out

The energy of both parent species has produced an energetic and lively breed in the Bernese Mountain Dog Husky Mix. They therefore require intense exercise to satisfy their energy requirements. It is also essential for the well-being and health of your dog.

For thirty to sixty minutes, you may take them on hikes, jogs, or runs with other dogs. Don’t be afraid to get involved in intense activity with these stunning dogs, unless it’s extremely hot outside.

Provide Food

How to Provide Food for a Bernese Mountain Dog It is not thought to be challenging to feed husky mixes. Their dietary preferences are inherited from their husky relatives, and they often have an unhealthy appetite and are straightforward to please. To prevent obesity and other multiple conditions, it’s critical to keep an eye on their food intake.

Typically, they consume between one and two cups of either wet or dry food. While the adult pup only needs two meals a day, the young puppies need three meals. However, you must provide them with wholesome, nutrient-rich food that is appropriately matched to their size, age, and degree of activity.

How to Guide Train a Husky Mix Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog Husky Mixes are intelligent, self-reliant, and quick thinkers; they should not be treated lightly. They like giving their owners constant satisfaction. Don’t assume that just because they are faithful, they are always going to do what you say.

These are bright, perceptive dogs. Playing easy activities like fetching and tossing might quickly bore children. They’re looking for something engaging, like collaborative toys or games that challenge the mind. Owners of Bernsky dogs should think about treat dispensers of water, chew toys, etc. Make it enjoyable so they can apply their ability to think critically.

When your dog is bored, they may engage in unwanted actions such as making holes in the yard chewing on furniture or walls, jumping over barriers, etc. Establish yourself as a role model and provide positive reinforcement to get them to act well.

Even though training them will not be easy, it is crucial. It takes time and patience. Thus, be ready for occasional mood changes and indifference. On the other hand, start early and maintain consistency.

Is The Husky/Bernese Mountain Dog Mix A Suitable Pet For A Family?

Puppies of Bernese Mountain Dog and Husky mixed breeds are happy and beautiful. They adore spending time with those they love and interacting socially. Their great degree of kid tolerance makes these children an excellent choice for a family pet, which is just another reason to adore them. Not to mention how energetic they are for keeping up with everyday family activities.

Your dog will gladly spend time with these enormous puppy bears if you leave them with your children as watchdogs. It’s a benefit if you have another animal in the house because they are also kind to other animals.

On the other hand, take care to socialize them early. Additionally, avoid leaving your dog alone with small children since they may not be conscious of their enormous size and may accidentally trip over them while cuddling. Finally, if they are left alone for extended periods, they may become irritable because they enjoy socializing and being around people.

But this dog may not be suitable for you if you live in a rental property or work a full-time job. Large areas are necessary for Bernskys to discover and fulfill their adventurous orientation.

To help your dog feel at ease with humans and other pets, you need to introduce them from a young age. They are easy to handle once they’ve blended in.


In summary, the “Bernsky,” or Bernese Mountain Dog-Husky mix, is an attractive crossbreed that incorporates the finest traits of its parent breeds. This unusual canine friend is a wonderful family pet because of its kind and loyal disposition. However, prospective purchasers should be mindful of the obstacles related to their dimensions, activity levels, and the requirement for enough room.

With a thick coat, stunning eyes, and a robust body, Bernsky’s beauty is a lovely cross between the traits of the Siberian Husky and the Bernese Mountain Dog. Even though they’re great family dogs, you should take care of any possible medical issues such as eye diseases, bloat, and hip and elbow deformation.

For those who have the patience and commitment to meet their demands, Bernsky’s loving disposition, loyalty, and family-friendly nature represent an excellent option, even with certain difficulties.


What possible health issues could a mixed Bernese Mountain Dog and Husky have?

Bloat, eye diseases, and hip and elbow dislocation are possible health problems. Their general health can be enhanced by eating well and routine veterinarian examinations.

How should one teach a mixed Bernese Mountain Dog and Husky?

Early training is recommended, with an emphasis on bonding and obedience. Given their bright minds and independence, it is imperative to provide them with consistent positive reinforcement. To keep them interested, interesting activities and mental exercises are advised.

Are mixtures of Bernese Mountain Dogs and Huskies good for within families?

Overall communities can benefit from owning combinations of Bernese Mountain Dogs and Huskies. They appreciate getting together with their human friends and are friendly and tolerant of children. They do, however, need lots of room and early interaction.

How long does a mixed Bernese Mountain Dog/Husky live?

Bernese Mountain Dog-Husky hybrids can live up to 12 years on average if given the right care. Their lifespan is attributed to a good lifestyle and routine veterinary examinations.

What kind of person is a mixed Bernese Mountain Dog and Husky?

Although a Bernese Mountain Dog-Husky mix’s personality might vary, it usually consists of calmness, kindness, and determination to please. They are trustworthy protectors because they are good with kids, make wonderful family pets, and have strong protection qualities.

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